VTech Switch and Go Dinos

September 29, 2012

So it’s really no secret here any more that my oldest son has {somewhat} moved on from his obsession love of trains – and on to more sophisticated boy-toys, like… transformers.  Pretty much anything that can change into something else – he’s all about.

So I just knew that the VTech Switch & Go Dino’s would be right up his alley.  As soon as I started looking at them online – it seemed that every ad that I viewed was directed at me as far as the Dino’s go – and so Andrew started falling in love before he even knew that they were on their way to our door.

vtech banner

I really wish I would have seen his face and heard his squeel when they arrived – but I wasn’t home in time.  Thankfully I did get a few snapshots before they were fully opened!

We received Brok the Brachiosaurus, Attila the Ankylosaurus, and Span the Spinosaurus. They are *So* cool.  Really.Switch and Go Dinos

I absolutely am smitten by these Dino’s – because they really thought of everything when making them.  The commercials and images I’ve seen online seem to show them only as a transforming object – they forget to mention the hundreds of sound effects that they each make, and their other moving parts that the sounds correlate with.

Red Switch and Go Dino

Brok the Brachiosaurus is the largest, and the one ‘in charge’ according to my toddler.  He is really neat because as a dino – his neck moves by pushing a button, and he makes eating noises as well as other dino noises.  you can change his eyes to have any variety of expression (mean or nice).

When you push Brok (as the dino) across the floor, he makes stomping noises and his legs move in circles.

Switch and Go Dinos

When he is in ‘vehicle’ mode – he is a car carrier.  The car loads up from the back, and pulling the handle down lifts the race car up and over the top of the front of the vehicle – launching the Pterodactyl out.

Brok Vehicle

Brok has over 80 noises, and several dino facts as well as driver and facial expression choices.  He retails for $49.99.


Attila the Ankylosaurus is the construction vehicle.  A little less complicated to manuever the ‘switch’ but still just as fun!

Attila Toy

Attila in dino mode has a wrecking-ball for a tail (which we subsequently misplaced before taking these photos) where he can hit anything that gets in his way.  Pushing a button swings his tail back and forth.

Attila Tail

In Vehicle mode Attila can tow heavy construction equipment or other smaller switch-and-go dino’s that you  might own.  Attila has over 70 sounds and a wide variety of options on the LCD screen.


Attila retails for $24.99

Span the Spinosaurus is the Switch and Go Dino that we are all most excited about.  I feel that he has the coolest options and something for just about every child to enjoy! – And Andrew adores him.


In Jet Fighter mode, you pull the trigger and Span launches food discs for the other Dino’s to eat.  The jet can also airlift the baby Dino in the cage with the included crane, cage, and rescue lift.  You can even rescue the smaller Switch & Go Dinos!

Span flying

In Dino mode, span can move across the floor on his wheels, making a stomping noise as he rolls.  Squeeze Span’s tail button to trigger chomping and roaring action and eat all the food that the Jet just shot.

Span DinoSpan has over 70 sounds and phrases – and by pushing one of the buttons, you can easily customize your pilot or dino eyes – or push the other buttons to trigger realistic sound effects and phrases that teach interesting dino facts.

Span retails for $29.99 – a great price, for an AWESOME toy.

boy with span

Overall, all three of these are so awesome – we’re definitely adding a few of the smaller Dino’s to our Christmas list for Andrew, so he can use them in conjunction with the larger ones we own – and maybe even adding some of these to the Christmas list for our nephew who is 10.

Really, you can’t go wrong – my husband even loves them!

The Switch and Go Dino’s can be found online and in several stores Nationwide.  They retail from $14.99-$49.99. Be sure to keep up to date with the newest going on with VTech on Facebook and Twitter.

VTech is hosting a contest on their Facebook page where you can upload a 30 second video of your child’s very own Dinosaur creation (be creative!) for a voting contest.  25 Dino Package prizes will be given out, and 1 grand prize winner will receive a kids lifetime supply of VTech Toys! Check out the rules on FB before entering!

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for VTech. I received VTech Switch & Go Dinos product samples to facilitate my review.


  1. I love these!! My youngest has been really into dinosaurs lately we even took him to see a bunch of cinametronic dinosaurs this will definitely go on the x mas list

  2. Molly Bussler says:

    My hubby would probably love them too…he’s just a big boy! lol

  3. My four year old is starting to like to6 like these. Will have to get one of these for his bday!

  4. My son would love these! He loves noises and talking with his toys right now.

  5. those are way cooler than the commercial makes them seem

  6. I like these for my nephew because he has become interested in dinosaurs.

  7. allen dulen says:

    CAN I.please have broc

  8. the dino is so cute!

  9. Amy Green says:

    I would have loved those when I was little and I went through a dinosaurs phase-triceratops was my favorite. I had paper punch-out characters, and a triceratops pretend skeleton that was a wind-up toy which would really move!

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