Driving gloves were number 1 on my Christmas list this year: a little Surprising to myself as well.. but now that I work about 30 minutes from home – driving back and forth in the cold has made my fragile little hands SO COLD! I used to wonder why people would use driving gloves – and maybe even crack a joke at the old ladies wearing them. But now I totally get it. Every time I got into my car I would wish that I had some driving gloves.  Then when I read a U|R Powered Glove Review, I decided that they sounded PERFECT.

I received the U|R Powered Touch Gloves: Mila Tech Spandex Touchscreen Glove. They are priced around $29, a fair price for nice gloves like these! Different styles range in price depending on the material used.11397-mila-black-3dThe U|R Powered Gloves are thinner, and unlike the older styles of gloves that just have a fingertip spot for your phone (Which every time I had tried in the stores they failed to work without a little convincing…) theses gloves have three whole fingers of touch area.  I am thoroughly impressed with the responsiveness of these gloves. I even tried texting, and had very few typos (Which my phone auto corrected) – no more typos than I normally have at least. UR Powered Touch Screen Glove ReviewI got the size Small for my hands, which seems to fit perfectly on my left hand, and either the right glove is slightly smaller or my right hand is maybe a tiny bit bigger. I am after all, right handed – and I use my right hand a LOT for work as a dental hygienist – so it wouldn’t surprise me at all that my right hand is slightly larger. It doesn’t really affect my use of the gloves or make my hands hurt, I just notice that it’s a little more snug.IMG_5116The hemmed stitch is right along the edge of the thumb and first finger, which is a little concerning because it does feel like it sticks out and will make it hard to type. Over time though I have begun to ignore the extra stitching. I do wish that they would have chose another place or a smaller stitch there.

I typically type with my right first finger, and my left thumb – so my left thumb doesn’t really work well at that angle because of the point on it. So I just type with my left finger.

IMG_5117My Overall thought for the U|R Powered Glove Review: I do love these gloves, they have improved my driving abilities in this cold MN winter.  I would love to try a different style – maybe one that doesn’t have the hem along the edging. I highly recommend these gloves to anyone who wants to be able to work their phone while wearing them – as I do adore the touchscreen abilities.  I do however think it’s always a good idea to buy these in-store so you can try them out before you buy them and find the best fit for your hands. U|R Powered Gloves are available at Macy’s, Bloomingdales, and a few other retailers. For the list of retailers: click here.

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