Totally Talented Tuesday – Loves to Cook!

December 14, 2010

Andrew loves to [help us] cook. As soon as he could walk, he figured out how to get onto our step stool. We have a small kitchen with very tall cupboards that have necessary items in them, so I need a step stool almost every time I’m in the kitchen. He *loves* to watch us cook. I let him help me stir things and add ingredients.
He has fallen off the step stool a few times before [which scares me nearly to death – because the first time he fell off – he held his breath, turned blue and then passed out (all in a matter of seconds).  I seriously thought he had died. Ambulances, and trips to the ER for CT scans to be sure he didn’t have any brain injuries from the fall and everything. NOT fun. I was pretty shaken up and a mental wreck for the next few weeks.  (It took us a while before we let him up on the stool again…but he’s back)
Whenever he ‘helps’ cook something, he is extremely excited to eat it! So I try to get him involved every time that I’m cooking something that I know he might not like as much… But I also get him into the fun stuff!

Last night, we cooked brownies! I let him do most of the cooking this time!  I let him shake and pour all the ingredients into the bowl, and even crack the eggs! (he has always wanted to, but I never let him!) but tonight I decided I didn’t mind if he got egg shells into the batter 🙂 And It wasn’t that bad to fish them out.  He thought it was great!

Funny thing? He was more interested in the Orange that I peeled for him than he was in the brownies!!

While looking for where on earth I transferred these photos onto my hard drive, I found and looked through all the old pictures that we almost lost when our hard drive failed (my computer genius husband re-wired the hard drive to recover the files). I didn’t realize how much I have forgotten Andrew as a baby!! I’ll have to post some older pictures!!

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday! Now following. And the whole falling off the stool, turning blue thing…total heartattack! Glad he was okay. I swear, kids can take years off our lives with the stress they induce 😉 Mine love to "help" in the kitchen too. It's teaching me patience!

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