The Romanticism of Valentine’s Day..

January 25, 2012

I imagine that right now – most women realize that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.

Valentine’s Day I feel like is one of those love-it/hate-it types of holidays.  I love it because I love feeling loved – I love it when my husband takes the time to research some valentines day ideas and find something special and sentimental for us. It can really show how much he cares – and it makes my day!


But I hate it too.  I Hate that it is one of those days where you’re expecting something romantic to happen.  I hate that the world has taken on a new form of Valentines day from when I was a little girl hand-making my valentine’s and dropping them into decorated shoe boxes at school.


Don’t get me wrong – I am a lover and I *love* the romantic-ness of Valentines Day… Just sometimes, I feel like it gets built up, and I dream that it is going to be this magical day once per year where my love is re-affirmed to be as strong as it was the day it started.

If my co-worker’s husband gets flowers and I don’t? I tend to get a little … jealous.  Actually even a little resentful towards my husband as the day goes on and I continue to get nothing.

So most Valentine’s Days I have cleared this up by letting my husband off-the-hook.. I’ve done that by telling him that he should take me to dinner a week before or a week after, and he can color me a card that shares his love for me.  And maybe buy the flowers before or after the price-hike… but certainly not during.


And that’s mostly what he does.  He gets the kids, and makes a folded in half piece of printer paper, and decorates it with love to Mommy.  Every now and then I get a single flower – which to me, is so romantic…


It still puts a tiny dagger into my heart when the day has finished and I realize that I wasn’t one of the lucky recipient of a gigantic bouquet of flowers, or a box of candies, or a reservation at my favorite restaurant.


But I get over it pretty quickly when I put my non-romantic brain back in my head.  When dinner plans and flowers eventually arrive unexpectedly at another time, I feel ten times more special than if I would have received an overpriced bouquet of roses delivered on Valentine’s Day.


  1. I’m not a “flowers” type girl. Well, not really, anyway. Of course I don’t mind getting them every now and then but I’d much rather that money be put towards a massage gift certificate or something similar!

  2. You know, I totally agree with you on that. I’m happy with the handmade card, it’ll probably make me tear up, lol, but I can’t help but wish I got that huge to-do.

    I worked at a florist for two years and it was really tough seeing the buildup to that day and all of the commotion surrounding it. Here I was making HUGE vases of a dozen roses, they were double and triple the price (due to rose prices for florists going WAY up – they’re charged more from the growers because the demand is so high), and they just FLEW out the door as if $80 was a steal and not a big deal to spend. And I got a lovely single rose at the end of the day, lol.

    Maybe we’ll both get lucky this year? Here’s hoping! 🙂

  3. I tend to agree.. .it’s always nice to receive a huge bouquet of flowers, some chocolates or a night out for Valentine’s day, but it doesn’t always happen.. nor is it practical. Showing love all through the year in other ways is much more important. 🙂

  4. Even though I’m not really the flower type, I still get jealous when I see other women get flowers from their special someone.

  5. Skye Moyer says:

    Do you save you cards?

    • I *DO* but… not all in one place. So they’re in random places mixed in with random things… I’m not sure where they all are… =\

  6. I yelled at my husband once for getting me flowers.. he never did it again. But I do appreciate why he did it. We’re not ones to make a big deal out of Valentine’s day but its mainly because of my son’s birthday (Feb 13th) and our anniversary is a month later.

  7. Hi, my name is Heather! Please email me when you can, I have a question about your blog!

  8. Great post and beautiful flowers!

  9. I agree, too. My hubby only sends flowers that are different than traditional red roses. He says that is what everyone does. I appreciate that and I am happy with a whole lot less, too.

  10. I have never been a big valentines day person. I love homemade things or a simple bouquet of daisies. Hubs and I were actually talking about tattoos for V-day this year. He wants to get our daughter’s initials on his inner wrist and I want to get the gemini symbol (for my daughter and I) on the back of my neck right below my hair line. We will see…

  11. Laura Andry says:

    Our V day is usually crated before Vday. We do cards and I think this year we will do crafts of some kind with the kids. Now that we have a family I think it will be more about them than about us.

  12. I love when my husband sends flowers, but not on V Day. I also hate going out to eat on the actual holiday because restaurants always have special limited menus, and the prices are usually way jacked up. I’d do like to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but I guess I prefer to do it on the weekend before or after because I like to save a buck 🙂

  13. Valentine’s Day is overrated…however, I do love to receive flowers and it’s a great excuse to go on a date! 🙂

  14. I kind of feel the same as you. I love Valentine’s Day because my husband is great and loving. But I don’t like how commercial it has become. It’s taken the romance out of the day.

  15. Yeah, I’ve kind of given up on getting stuff from my fiancee. I even bought MYSELF flowers for our anniversary in September. I’d rather just keep my expectations low & if I really want something, get it myself. 🙂

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