The Miracle Momma is Ready for a New Vechile after the Joplin Tornado Totaled Theirs.

January 9, 2013

For once in my life I am looking forward to this year’s tax season. When we get our tax return we will be able to finally get a safe vehicle we can call our own. Prior to the Joplin tornado my family had a 1980 Crown Victoria as our vehicle. It wasn’t the best ride, but it was still ours. Our vehicle was totaled during the tornado. When that happened we weren’t quite sure what we were going to do. Clothes, and items can be easily replaced. A vehicle? Not so much. Luckily we had family support which gave us a temporary vehicle. We are now driving a 1991 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer. At first the SUV was a dream. Now it is a nightmare.

My biggest fear since beginning to drive as a teen was getting into an automobile accident. Car AccidentI’m sure you’ve seen the stories of people in the news of people who are injured in an accident. A couple days ago on my local news there was a story of a man who died when his car slammed into a tree. In September a mustang crossed the path of a semi-truck which resulted in the death of the passengers in the car. It breaks my heart every time a new story comes on. I never want to be that person who has to begin the automobile accident lawsuit process towards another person. I don’t want that to happen to me either.

When we were donated the Eddie Bauer we were not made aware of all of the issues the SUV has. In addition to only having 9.4 miles per gallon, the SUV has had over $5000 worth of work put into the vehicle. The rear axle, fuel pump, & windshield now needs to be replaced. This has left us with a vehicle which isn’t exactly the safest to take outside of city limits. Any time we need to go out of town we have to get a friend or family member to take us. It isn’t exactly the best situation to be in. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate what our family has done for us. They helped us in a way others couldn’t. I have to think of my family’s safety first and the Eddie Bauer is not safe. Putting money into more repairs for the SUV isn’t cost effective for our budget. It is time for a change.

When our landlord asked if we knew of anyone who needed a vehicle it felt like destiny. Our landlord has been more than a landlord. She has been looking out for us since we moved in. She understands the struggles we have had with getting back on our feet. The vehicle is my landlord’s sons who got another vehicle for their 17th birthday. It’s a 2001 Ford Taurus. My landlord’s family also happens to own the largest auto dealership in town. Do I feel secure in this vehicle? You betcha. Our tax return cannot come soon enough. I am ready to be in a vehicle I can rely on.

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  1. Carolyn A Colley (Griffith, Smith) says:

    It’s time, you need a new car, I know your fear about accidents, my niece was on her way to work (8 years ago) someone had lost a mattress off their truck, she tried to miss the mattress over corrected and hit a tree & died instantly. Any time I see people with any item on the truck tied down, it scares me and I always back off or if I can go around them.

  2. vickie couturier says:

    thats good,with kids you need a safe car that you feel comfortable with

  3. Matt Stringham says:

    I hope everything works out for you with the new car. I have been in a cara when it hit a tree and it was the most terrifying experience. Thankfully we were all ok, but still. I hope you can get a car that will be safe for your kids.

  4. Jennifer Hedden says:

    I am glad to hear you will be getting a safer vehicle. It is scary when you drive a vehicle that is not safe and could break down at any time. It is nice to have such a great landlord that is so helpful. I hope this is a good car and lasts you a long time.

  5. Gina Brickell says:

    Geez… how devastating what mother nature can do to families.. I hate that you have had to go through all of that and I hope the Taurus turns out to be extremely reliable for you!

  6. Amy Green says:

    This story is so moving-we need to hear of more real-life occurrences like this, so people can be aware.

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