The Love-Hate Relationship of Taxes…

March 23, 2012

Taxes for us (and I’m guessing many other people) is one of those Love-Hate relationships.  I love the thought of getting money back (which we {gratefully} do)  – but I absolutely hate the thought of all the paper work and headache, and threat of doing it wrong!

Last year I was so worried about all the paper work that I just kept putting it off.  And yes. I was one of THOSE people at the post office on April 15th (or was it the 16th last year? I forget.) Either way, I was THISCLOSE to having unfiled taxes looming over my head – even though Uncle Sam owed me a refund.  YiKeS.  See? it’s all SO scary! Reminds me of this Monopoly Card:


Now that I’ve started the blog too, I’m really getting myself into a pickle where I think I’ll have to start hiring a tax attorney to help me file, just so I’m sure that I’m doing it all correctly!  There are SO many variables when it comes to owning your own business!

So while my personal taxes are done for this year, thanks much in part to my very awesome accountant who is awesome and should charge a larger fee considering how awesome she is!  She’s currently researching a few things so we can prepare for next years taxes in advance, so we have no surprises..!


I wish, right?!

I just recently called the city and the county of the condo that we lived in to find out about last years property taxes on the Condominium.  While we didn’t live in the condo much last year, we still owned it for most of the year without paying into our escrow account at all, meaning that we might have had some property taxes due… But thankfully the bank must have taken care of it – because they’ve got it in their system as paid in full!

Gosh, I feel so blessed that that burden was just lifted from us!



  1. I never thought of it that way, but it is definitely like the monopoly guy lol. Thankfully we get money back as well but there is the dreaded, “oh I have to get this done,” part of it. I just put it off until I can’t any longer typically. But this year I am ahead and already finished them!! Yay!!

  2. It’s such a good feeling to have them all done. (at least for another year)

  3. I read the title of this post wrong and thought it said Texas then read about taxes and thought, just how different could taxes be in texas. What a dork!! Im glad things went well, seems like you have had a couple of worries lifted

  4. Betty Baez says:

    Yey! I like your monopoly reference. I also hate doing my taxes I did them myself this year and it was such a headache but I’m glad everything went fine and I got my money super fast

  5. Taxes are no fun. We claim our grand daughter who lives with us and who we support and we found out someone else used her SSN…so we have to wait until they tell us what we need to send in and they contact whoever misused her # What a nightmare.

  6. i am the exact same way with taxes…i hate them, but grateful i have to pay them if that makes sense!


  7. Vanessa Coker says:

    It’s just so complicated… we have an awesome CPA too and I can’t imagine having to take care of it all by ourselves. I really don’t get how people do it.

  8. Anne Milkie says:

    I hate taxes! I hate filing every year but I know I have too 🙁

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