The Hardest Part of Moving

September 18, 2013

We had a great weekend with family! We spent the first part with my side, and the second part with Peter’s side. It was great to see so much family, and Micah loves being spoiled by his grandparents. That brings me to the hardest part of moving: we are moving away from family. All of them. My grandma spends her winters in Arizona, so she’ll be a few hours away. And Peter has a cousin in Vegas. Otherwise, our entire family resides in Minnesota and South Dakota. We will definitely miss our frequent weekends with family, especially as Micah and his cousins grow up.


We had fun hanging out with my family, and Micah tried his hand at cards again!

Micah cards

Then, we spent time at the Como Zoo!


A by-donation zoo with lots of animals, it was so fun! We were there more for the family than the animals, as Micah definitely cared more about people-watching than spotting the animals. He did like the fish and ooooh’d and aaaah’d over a lot of things, but time with Grandpa Bruce and Nana Nubs was irreplaceable.


We also loved spending good time with Molly! We will miss seeing her so frequently! She’s full of words and energy. Her favorite activity: looking at “babies” on phone: that is, looking at pictures. And she knows how to scroll all by herself!

IMG_3542Many tears will be cried when we leave for Arizona, and we will look forward to each and every visit whether us going north or them coming south.


  1. Yes the hardest part of moving is when you have to move away from family. You miss the daily times together and the closeness of them being near by. Further away you can send pictures or call to keep in touch but theres nothing like a real hug. Moving all the stuff from you house is hard to especially if you lived there for alot of years you tend to collect alot more things.

  2. Nena Sinclair says:

    Ouch, this is going to be so hard on all of you! It’s a good thing for computers, at least then you can still talk and see each other (hopefully all family members have access to computers and internet!) Skype is great and free! I wish you all the best with your move!

  3. I know what you mean. Almost 5 year ago now, I moved from my family to Canada. But I ended up creating a family! I married my best friend and we had a baby in 2012. I realized after my mother came to visit for 2 weeks with my little sister (so they could see the baby), though, that I have been gone long enough. Hoping to be back in California by summer at the latest!

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