The Camera Rocks on Blackberry Z10 – review

July 31, 2013


Hey, it’s me (Kelly from Muddy Flowers) with the new Blackberry Z10 –

Taking photos is something I love to do with most of my time. I was thrilled to find out Blackberry Z10 had a special feature just for me! Take a look at my video to see it…

I added some photos of my favorite features in case you can’t watch the video.

My number one reason for liking the new Blackberry Z10 is the face detection on the camera. This feature is HUGE in my world. It seems like whenever I am trying to take a photo of the whole family (there is 7 of us) someone is either blinking, looking away or walking away! With face detection I can change one or all of the faces in the photo to be happy and smiling!

Don’t worry, you can blink!

Blackberry z10 review verizon

The next feature I am enjoying is the Story Maker! It is so fun to take some of my photos and videos and make an easy little video with music, title and I can even change the whole look before sharing it with family. If you aren’t very creative this sure makes it simple and it will have your friends thinking you are a professional video maker!!

Once Upon A Time…

blackberry story maker review

Pick your favorite photos/videos…


Choose your tune…


Give it a name and some credit…


On the right you can change the look of your video…


Grab the popcorn & enjoy the Story with Blackberry Z10 Story Maker…


See, it’s simple and user friendly! I have been very impressed with the camera on the new Blackberry. Come back soon, I will talk about the many or not so many apps I have on the Blackberry Z10.

Cheers, Kelly




  1. Robin Wilson says:

    That is absolutely amazing. I cannot believe how fast technology just gets better and better. I have always wanted a Blackberry but it has been out of my price range. My dad jumped in the pool with his a couple of days ago. It is sitting in rice right now and of course he didn’t get the extended warranty. If the rice doesn’t work I will suggest he get this. At least I could use it when he visits.

  2. i actually had no idea blackberry was making phones now that arent just generated toward the business world. i love the collage type feature with the pictures!

  3. Richard Hicks says:

    What a fascinating camera it has. I am so far behind keeping up with the newer technology when it comes to the smart phones.

  4. The face detection is pretty Awesome I must admit and the screen colors look nice, clear and vivid. All those items mean alot when selecting a phone.

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