Tension Issues

May 18, 2011

Between pregnancies, I found this really great gym (it was more like a pilates studio type gym, all instructed classes) – I just loved it.  The instructors were awesome. They all knew how to help your body improve posture and shape – and never made you do more than you could handle.  They always were more concerned about doing a few PERFECT reps vs many imperfect ones.  They are the people who alarmed me to my shoulder tension problem.

I mean – I knew I had tension in my shoulders – I’m a dental hygienist and I use my body in terrible ways that is not good for your back or neck – so I knew I needed some attention to posture: But pretty much any time an instructor would walk past me; they’d tap my shoulders and tell me to get them out of my ears! I shrug them all the time.  I still constantly am telling myself to relax my shoulders down and back. They’re always up and forward – tense.

Therefore, I can ALWAYS use a massage.  I am always looking for great spa offers; because if I don’t get a deep tissue massage every now and again – I get extreme tension that builds up until my back locks up.  So I know when to get a massage – but if for some reason I can’t get an appointment right away, or if I move just wrong – I’m out of commission for days, and need daily massages for 3-4 days plus major pain killers to get my mobility back.  But If I DO get the massage – I feel great; and back to my relaxed self.

Sometimes it’s also nice just to have a pamper weekend.  Just a weekend, or even a DAY where you can get away; and enjoy some rest and solitude and get massages and pedicures – and spoil yourself.  Man that sounds amazing.

Wait. I did Just get that – for Mother’s Day! Winking smile Seems like ages ago now!! Amy K2 Post Disclosure 4


  1. right now I’m seeing a chiropractor 2x weekly for the same thing! they do massage therapy with ice and then adjustments.. my muscles are wound so tight in my neck and back that it has straightened my spine. I totally relate to your pain but after a few weeks I am finally beginning to feel HUMAN again!

    • Thank you for this article. I have been going through the back pain for over a week and can hardly function. I hadn’t even considered tension or posture. I am going to work on that today!

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