Strawberry Yogurt Fluff salad #DairyMom

August 30, 2013

 Keep these simple ingredients on hand and then whip up a quick dairy side-dish to add some pizazz to your dinner!

Strawberry Yogurt Fluff Salad 01I have serious sympathy for those of you who are getting back to the ‘swing of things’ for the school year. Our family has a hard enough time getting up and out of the house before 9am, let alone by 7am bus arrivals. Thankfully we have one more year before we have to worry too much about getting out the door and to the bus on time. So – we can still enjoy our morning. Our problem in getting ready doesn’t revolve around getting everyone dressed – but having breakfast, too!

My kids are breakfast-aholics. The second they wake up, they’re asking for food… They need food before they can really function without whining: so that has always been our first priority… and the main reason I’d love a live-in nanny – so I don’t have to wake up to feed my kids at 7am every day! (Wouldn’t we all?) Then, by 9 am they’re *starving* again and scrounging for (or sneaking) snacks!

Sneaking SnacksThat’s why I love that so many schools now-days are participating in the Breakfast Programs. I can rest assured knowing that if we are ever running late for school, these growing boys will have another option for food before lunch. I learned from my recent visit with Second Harvest early this summer – that so many children rely on the breakfast and lunch that they receive at school; as it is often the only food that these children get each day.

Midwest Dairy Association is promoting healthy eating for your children in this transition of going back to school. They have provided me with several areas of resources to share with you:
Additional Midwest Dairy Resources
School breakfast programs in the Midwest promote healthy breakfasts for students. 
Fuel Up to Play 60, a program dedicated to increasing physical activity and access to nutrient-rich foods
in schools.
Breakfast Recipes – smoothies, casseroles, even pizza!
Breakfast Brain Power Pinterest board.

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Our Family BreakfastA popular food for breakfast around this house is Yogurt. Usually the yogurt is mixed with granola and maybe some fresh berries. I have a slight problem with the texture of yogurt – but I love the flavor of it! I have discovered a way to get the taste (and more!) of yogurt and have a sweet side-dish for dinner – with Yogurt Fluff Salad!

Strawberry Yogurt Fluff SaladSuper simple ingredients – I always stock up on Cool Whip around the Holiday’s when they are on sale – plus some marshmallows, yogurt, and coordinating fruit.  You don’t have to stick with Strawberry – this works perfectly in the winter as well, with mandarin oranges and orange yogurt as well as peach yogurt and canned peaches.

Strawberry Yogurt Fluff Salad:


1 8oz Container of Cool Whip
1/2 Bag of Mini-Marshmallows
2 containers of Strawberry (or whatever!) flavored Yogurt
Fresh Strawberries (or canned fruit, either way!)

Directions: Wash and chop strawberries into bite sized pieces. Mix all ingredients together – save a few strawberries and a few marshmallows for topping presentation! Refrigerate until ready to use – can be made ahead of time, too.

That simple! No cooking required!

Yogurt Fluff Salad

Disclosure: I was compensated for my time and ingredients by Midwest Dairy for this blog post. All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. This looks so light and refeshing!

  2. kathy pease says:

    this looks really delicious andI am definitely giving this a try when I go shopping this week 🙂
    Thank you

  3. Thank you for sharing. With the holidays coming up, having a light desert option would be a great thing

  4. …….Delish …..can I just tell you I simply love yogurt, on my menu regurarly.
    Happy to see this 🙂 I love my longer version ( no yogurt however)butvery similar and yummy.thanks for sharingand oh I put mine in the freezer, use a bundt pan as to mold it also, looks very pretty.pineapple chunks are inlcuded w m.mellows,creamcheese,lil maynaise,touch of sugar, optional pecans…similar ( festive strawberry salad) this one has yogurt and is simple and quick, anxious to try 🙂

  5. This looks yummy. For a somewhat healthier version, you can combine cottage cheese, fruit yogurt, Cool Whip, and fruit and mix it up in a blender to smooth the texture. You’ll never miss the marshmallows.

  6. That looks so light and refreshing….. perfect for summer!

  7. Nancy Mundale says:

    this is great!

  8. Nicole Dz says:

    What a great way to whip up some yummy goodness, and I don’t have to feel that guilty about indulging in this, I would use low fat options of whats listed and im all set. Great recipe!

  9. Julie Wood says:

    This looks like a cool and refreshing recipe. I like to have this as a side dish as dessert. It looks so easy to make and I love strawberries in my recipes.

  10. I have never heard of this before. IT sounds so good. Pretty sure I could eat this all the time

  11. katie m says:

    I’m not a big fan of yogurt but put it in smoothies and don’t mind so I’m wanting to try this because it sounds like an easy breakfast and if the yogurt is mixed with whipped cream I might not mind as much.

  12. Looks yummy! I love yogurt

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