Stinky, Messy #ClothDiapers.

August 26, 2011

Every single time that my husband has to change a poopy diaper – he DSC09746gives me… ‘The Look.’

The look of evil.  hatred.  disgust.

It’s as if I made my kids’ poop gross.. (which I sort of did, by switching to cloth)

but it was gross before then too… we just didn’t have to rinse it in the toilet or get it splattered on the floor or walls while we’re trying to shake off the excess poop. because we never had to shake the excess poop!

Seriously. I sanitize my bathroom more now than I started doing after Andrew started using the potty – which was already over-kill.

Something about the diapers makes us feel like we’re going back in time.  Like we are taking our hygiene standards down a notch to satisfy our desire for cloth diapering.

because – really.  It’s gross.


  1. Haha, sorry, that picture is really funny! 😀

    Just a note that you’re actually supposed to shake off solids into the toilet with disposable diapers too, according to the package. I never knew that…they have it in such little type. But it’s for sanitary reasons, I guess – not putting human waste in landfills. 🙂

    • I know, isn’t it?? He *hated* that I took that picture… and gave me another good shot, which I’m saving for another post 😀

      Hrm.. Shaking solids into the toilet with sposies? Never happened around here, except one time we were in a diaper study. lol!!

  2. You should try the flushable diaper liners. I love them… no shaking or spraying! Just dump the whole liner in the toilet no solids left on the diaper 🙂 Much less messy and gross! It is how I got my husband to agree to cloth diaper 🙂

    • LOL – Julie 🙂 Thanks for the input on this. I’ll have a post about this.. Next Week 😀

      • Not so sure how this would be on your septic system. Most plumbers say to not even flush the cottonelle type wipes down the toilet and that is what they are for. They do however have a cool sprayer (that I have only seen in pictures) that sprays the yuck right off, so they say!
        Gladys P

  3. kristen huss says:

    yes…flushable liners rock! I am not sure if I would CD without them! I like Bummis best.

  4. FYI on the Oh Katy diapers (I didn’t want to comment on that post, since there is a contest). You can just leave the inserts in, I do. My washer agitates them right out!

    • Score! Thanks for that!! I appreciate it a lot 😀 I’ll give it a try – The worst that can happen anyway is that I just have to wash it again the next day, right? haha!

  5. OH yah! I should add – my husband figured out the way to keep the water going while he’s rinsing is to lift off the lid and hold the handle up the whole time. Then It keeps flushing (Which isn’t really saving any water…) but it gets most of the poop off!

  6. Amanda N. says:

    Do you have a diaper sprayer? I held out on getting one for months because it seemed so expensive…TOTALLY WORTH IT! Made dealing with poop so much easier. You just have to be careful when using it that you go in slowly instead of trying to blast all the poop off at once in a big rush…because you will get tons of splatter that way! 🙂

  7. Your household sounds like a prime candidate for a diaper sprayer. We haven’t installed one in our current home yet b/c littlest one is still EBF, no solids and we have no need. But… we plan on installing one once she starts solids. And the best tutorial for *making* your own sprayer for much less than a retail sprayer is from Gidget Goes Home. Easy, cheap and GREAT for dads who hate shaking poo…

  8. I agree with PP and suggest both the flushable liners (unless you have a septic system) and a diaper sprayer!

  9. My youngest is still EBF, so I haven’t had to start this yet, but I will definitely be investing in either flushable liners or a diaper sprayer here in a month or two!!
    And we just cloth diaper about half the time. My hubby has yet to put one on, much less be responsible for cleaning them! I think he’s maybe only taken one off once or twice. I’d just rather do it myself than try to explain 🙂

  10. Love the picture. Everyone is right about the flushable liners and diaper sprayer.

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