Step 2 Little Bakers Kitchen Review

November 13, 2012

Hello Grinning Cheek to Cheek Readers,

My name is Kelly I own the blog over at Muddy Amy and I are real life friends. We both blog a lot and we are both at the same point in life. KIDS. As you know Amy has two adorable little guys Andrew and Ethan. I have many children… Keegan, Mikaela, Jadis, Ruthie and Isaiah. Let’s just say they keep me kind of busy.

The other day, Amy was gracious enough to pass us the new Step 2 Little Baker’s Kitchen.


My little 2 year old was getting ready for Halloween and she wanted to bake some cupcakes for her friends. In fact, she called one to come join her.


Some of you may know this little Lion from Life With Levi


They look cute, but sometimes they are more than a handful!

Levi really likes to play with the Step 2 Little Baker’s Kitchen stove. He enjoys the fun sounds it makes.


He also likes to call Ruth on the phone.

Which I find silly because she is almost always standing right next to him.

Ruth enjoys “frosting” her Little Baker’s Kitchen cupcakes.


I love watching the kids play so nice together. For that reason alone I suggest every parent to get a Step 2 Little Baker’s Kitchen!

Even our little baby enjoys playing cupcake time. Who can blame him –


My favorite part is the interchangeable frosting tops. Another cute piece of the set is the water sounds from the sink. The toy sink is just as full as my real sink.


The Step 2 Little Baker’s Kitchen is a great size and comes with the fun sounds, a phone, dishes, bowls, forks, spoons,cups, knives, a baby highchair that attaches to the sink, salt & pepper shakers, a recycling bin, a basket, 2 pans, plus a fridge and microwave.


I am really happy with the whole kitchen. I wish I would have had such a cool toy when I was a little kid. Gosh, our kids get all the fun stuff these days!

Thanks Again Amy Grinning Cheek to Cheek.




  1. Sandy VanHoey says:

    Oh this is adorable! I love the colors also. My granddaughters would have so much fun and they love pinks and purples. How fun!

  2. omg i love it so cute

  3. courtney b says:

    this is so adorable, i love the colors. my daughter would love it!

  4. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    This is so cute! Kids love playing kitchen. I like that this one has a recycle bin and a high chair, too.

  5. this kitchen set is so cute! I am so amazed by how much since they have changed since my older girls were little(late 90’s). We are eyeing a wooden one now, but still, very cute 🙂

  6. vickie couturier says:

    my littlest grandchildren would love this at my house to play with ,so cute

  7. jamie kelsey says:

    This is very cute. My daughter would still love this even though she is getting to big for it!!

  8. the kitchen is so cool! so is the care bears costume!

  9. Love the recycling bin!

  10. This is so cute! I love this kitchen and I’ll definitely be getting it for my son once he’s a bit older, he’s only 2 months old now 🙂 and I love that it has a recycling bin, it teaches our kids to recycle early 🙂 love it!

  11. I love how sturdy the step2 products are – they literally will be able to be used by a younger child ! They are always so colorful and well made.

  12. This is really pretty-I am quite partial to that new Cookie Monster kitchen, myself.

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