Staples Mini-Mate Paper Shredder Review and Giveaway!

April 26, 2011

So while I have already talked to you about the great importance of shredding your papers to de-clutter and organize your home – I wanted to also show you another shredder.  The Staples Mini-Mate Shredder is light-weight and is small enough for your desk or for moving from room to room.  The shredder can handle up to 6-full-size sheets as well as CDs, DVDs, paper clips, and credit cards.

Our goal (although we have not achieved 100% success rate yet..) is to have the mail come into the house; and immediately shred the junk.  That way we only have stacks of papers that are necessary to look through.  Although this has its issues as well: because my husband has a hard time determining what is important and what is not – so he sets the mail in a pile waiting for me to go through it… Maybe someday we’ll find that balance..

Staples_Mini_Mate_Shredder_01I love that this shredder is smaller and has a handle.  We have moved it around a few times to find the best place for us to have it.  I think having it in a convenient place, yet not in the middle of the kitchen counter is ideal – and will help you be most efficient in your home.

Staples_Mini_Mate_Shredder_03Or maybe if you’re one of those people who doesn’t want their shredder sitting out anywhere – this is easy enough to put even on the top shelf of a closet and take out when needed, because it’s so light.

The Mini-Mate Shredder has a trap-door style opening to dump the shreddings in to the garbage – which has its plusses Staples_Mini_Mate_Shredder_02and minuses.  My husband had taken it out of the box first and gave it a try with some papers – and then I came later and was playing with it.  I had thought I could dump the shreddings by pushing the lever in the back and having the back come off; but I was TOTALLY wrong.. I couldn’t figure out what the lever did, so I picked up the shredder and the trap door opened and paper was all over my living room floor.  But – now that I KNOW that that button opens the door up from the bottom it’s great! it’s like my Dyson, which you hold over the bag and click the button and that’s it… you don’t have to balance anything or worry about any big messes!

I put this shredder to the test with seven papers at a time and it did just fine. It is a little slower than my other Staples shredder; but being that it’s a smaller shredder and meant for a smaller load of shredding – it’s perfect for the home.

And I saved the best for last: this shredder is GREAT for families on a budget who don’t run home businesses or have several things to shred. At $49.99 you can hardly beat the price for a high quality shredder that works perfectly for your day to day shredding needs.

This shredder is specific to Staples and can be found online at or in Staples retail stores. –Or if you’re lucky, you might win it here at Grinning Cheek to Cheek as well!

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