SoundFreaq Sound Step Recharge Review

September 24, 2012

As far back as I can remember, I have been extremely uncoordinated in the dancing arena. I’m not sure whether its my huge grin and other funny faces I make that make me look like a doof while dancing, or if it’s the moves that I absolutely cannot coordinate.
But my kids love to dance. So While I don’t dance in public (without the influence of several alcoholic beverages…), I have absolutely no problem making a fool of myself while dancing in front of my children.

We crank the music up while cleaning, and while playing in general, just to keep the day moving along.

dancing boy

My husband is a *huge* talk-radio fan.  He loves listening to it pretty much non-stop, and now that he has iheartradio downloaded onto his new iPhone, he can hardly stay away from 24/7 talk stations…

So we had been looking for some sort of system to play my music {And Talk Radio} that is better than our home computer, because our desktop has really started to slow down lately and our phones alone just simply won’t cut it without some sort of speaker system.  SoundFreaq Sound Step

So when we saw the SoundFreaq Sound Step Recharge we instantly knew it was the right solution for us.

Not only does it look awesome, especially in our kitchen/living room pass-through window {next to my first ever sheep-award from Brandcation last May}, it also sounds – Ah.Mah.Zing.


But it packs a punch, too.  There are several really awesome features for the SoundFreaq – so many more than I could possibly cover in this post, but here are some of my favorites!

  • The SoundFreaq Sound Step Recharge works as a charging station as well as a playing station. Super convenient for us.  I often throw my phone up there while I’m doing dishes, so my phone stays out of the water, charges, and I can listen to music!
  • It works as a ringer without actually ringing:
    • My husband hates all ring-tones, so it’s really hard for me to get in touch with him when he’s home.  When he gets home from work, he puts his talk radio on (while connected through Bluetooth or not..) and when I call or text him – it pauses the radio, so he knows that someone is calling or texting.  {LOVE}.
  • I can use it as a speaker for my laptop, or any other Bluetooth device that I have AND any non-bluetooth device with a headset adaptor attached to the back. SoundFreaq App
  • The apple device also doubles as a remote when you download the SoundFreaq app.  I can control the volume, song, etc – and play FM radio!
  • The SoundFreaq has a Lithium Battery which allows for up to 6 hours of play-time without being charged in to the A/C Adaptor.  I love having the option of moving the stereo outside, or into the basement when I’m cleaning the boys’ play room where there are otherwise no music options.SoundFreaq Dock
  • I don’t have to remove my Otterbox iPhone case to dock the phone.  (However, I do have to remove the Lifeproof Case in order to dock).

The best part of it, is that it entertains All of us.  I love when the kids are happy and dancing with me through the living room. My day is better with music playing, and it is a great way to have music playing all day!

dancing boy with iphone

If you feel that the SoundFreaq Sound Step Recharge would be a great option for your home, you can visit the Soundfreaq e-store and enter the discount code “momblog” to receive a 10% discount on the Sound Step Recharge and all other products in the store, or you can purchase the Soundfreaq – Sound Step Recharge online at (of course, my favorite option…) for a very reasonable price of $149.99.  I highly recommend this product Smile  Would make a great gift, too!


I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Soundfreaq and received a product sample to facilitate my review.


  1. that looks awesome!

  2. Me and my little ones dance at home too lol this looks great I like that you can play with other wireless devices too, and laptop, we like to listen to spottily but sometimes I wish we had a speaker hooked up

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