Sound Asleep Curtains

November 25, 2011

When we moved from our tiny condo to this house – we went from having all of our … 3… windows covered – to ONLY having 3 windows covered.  It was one of the first things on my ‘to-do’ list… because Andrew was up at the crack of dawn every morning.

I had someone come and measure and price out room darkening shades for the house.. and let me tell you – it was NOT cheap.   At. All.  So we moved on from that idea – and hung towels on Andrew’s bedroom windows – and that’s where we have remained ever since.  No curtains in our bedroom and towels in Andrews room.

Until I met the lovely people from Sound Asleep.

They kindly set us up with room darkening curtains for Andrew’s Room.  So now we actually have the option of light or complete darkness for him!


Sound Alseep Curtains teamed up with the National Sleep Foundation and has created a curtain that they believe is the best possible scenario for the best sleep.  Darkness.

Their Textured Chenille fabric with a soft Thermaback coating applied makes the room darkening qualities the best.  

Not only that – his room is on the NW corner of the house, and below it is an un-insulated garage.  His room is by far the coldest in the house. But the curtains also have a thermal property that aids in the home heating and cooling costs!  I’m excited to see the difference it makes in Andrews room.DSC01747

When we opened the curtains – they had a funny… smell.. to them.  Not exactly what I was expecting – but upon reading the label, we realized that they are super easy to wash and

 DSC01745    DSC01743

I love the way that the curtains look in the room.  Please keep in mind that these curtains will look SO much better when Andrew’s bed isn’t up against them, squishing them. But meanwhile – they’re 100,000 times better than the towels we had.

We got the backtab valance – although I’m thinking the valance is a little much for his room – but we don’t have a fancy curtain rod – so they’ll do for now Open-mouthed smile

The Sound Asleep Curtains come in so many great colors, size, and with two choices of valance style.  We went with the chocolate.


We’re so happy with our curtains, that we’re looking into getting the Aubergine Color for our room.  I’m assuming that Aubergine is a deep purple – please correct me if you know I’m wrong!!  But we have a deep purple color comforter, and definitely NEED curtains in our room.  I am forced to change clothes in the bathroom in fear of someone SEEING me.

For more information on the Sound Asleep Curtains and how you can purchase them – please visit their website at http://www.soundasleepcurtains.comalogo1


  1. I love these. I would love to get some for my little mans room. He gets up so freakin early maybe some good curtains like these would help him sleep more. Thanks for the great review.

  2. OMG. I need these!!!! And I love all the color choices. Thanks for the awesome review!

  3. I sooooo need some of these!

  4. I love those curtains! I have curtains like that in my daughter’s room and not-so-heavy ones in our living room and dining room. I love being able to close the curtains and having it nice and dark and cozy!

  5. Jessica Beard says:

    I’m going to look into buying some of these for our house. I like that they are easy to wash, come in a variety of colors, and help keep the rooms warm in the winter.

  6. I’ve been looking for something like this for my son’s room. His window is huge, lets in so much light and during the summer months it gets so hot in there. I’m at a loss of what to do!

  7. Shelly Peterson says:

    These look like nice curtains and come in several colors. I’ve purchased “black out” curtains and they do not work. I sure could use these for myself. Thanks for the review.

  8. I love these curtains. We definitely need something for the baby’s room since it gets morning light. Plus, I love that they are easy to wash. Always a plus with toddlers 🙂

  9. We love room darkening/thermal curtains! They are awesome in the summer because they block all the hot sun heating up the rooms, and I just read that they are just as effective in the winter (insulating the house). I always had these in my kid’s rooms because they sleep so much better!

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