I can remember the days of carrying a digital camera in a clunky camera bag. Sometimes I didn’t even bother with the camera bag… I would wrap my pricey camera in a scarf, or carry it looped around my neck because I knew if I had to fish it out of my camera bag the moment would be lost before I was able to turn the camera on and focus on my subject.Sony QX10 Review When I started using a Smartphone, my camera was pretty much forgotten about. I had it at home to be used for products that I was reviewing, but I never took it out with me anywhere. It is so much easier to snap a shot on my phone than go through the whole drag the DSLR out just in case I want that perfect shot routine. But lets face it, the quality of cell phone photos leaves a little to be desired.

This is where the Sony QX10 saves the day. Let me tell you about this great device that works with iOS and android phones. This camera is small enough for my purse, without anything getting scratched. It can clip onto your Smartphone via an included attachment or be used as a hand-held lens! The camera works with the Playmemories Mobile App.  If I’m just taking a quick photo of my kids – I’ll use my iPhone and snap a quick picture so as to not miss the moment. But if I see the most amazing thing I want to photograph – or if I really just want quality: I can pull this out of my purse and get that great shot, at great quality. Sony QX10 2 The 18.2-megapixel, 1/2.3″ back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS sensor allows you to take high quality photos in even the darkest environments.  With the Sony QX10 you will take high-resolution images up to 4896 x 3672 pixels with ease. The photos are amazing in comparison.
The photo on the left is my iphone and on the right is the Sony QX10. Notice the amount of light difference? The Sony QX10 pulls in light so well, it amps up any photo that you’re taking!
iPhone vs Sony QX10 Below: the photo on the left is my Sony NEX-5R, and the photo on the right is the Sony QX10. The quality here is very comparable: my $800 camera vs. the $200 camera. My husband is taking the photo of me – I’m holding my phone which is also the viewfinder for the QX10. He is actually on the ‘good side’ taking the photo with the light shining toward me, and I’m taking the photo from the oposite direction – towards the light. Any regular camera would have freaked out and made my face all dark – but not the Sony QX10!
Sony NEX5R vs Sony QX10 I love that you can even use the camera without attaching it to your phone. This is a handy feature for snapping the perfect photo anywhere, anytime. If you are at the baseball game and someone is standing in front of you, blocking the perfect shot of your son at bat… with the Sony QX10 that isn’t an issue! Just lift the camera and take the shot using your phone screen at your eye level. No more awkward positions or ‘guessing’ to see if the shot is good! Sony QX10 Removable
A few things I dislike: I’m not thrilled that the photos take long (maybe a total of 10 seconds)  to process when not using a separate memory card. It takes time to ‘wirelessly’ send the photos through to my phone. I also dislike how the photos don’t automatically sync with my Photo Stream in iPhoto. However, typically I just use the photos on my phone and upload them to social media, and for that – this camera is perfect!
Overall This is an amazing camera. It makes every photo I take exceptional. You would never believe that my professional quality photos were taken with my cell phone. For under $200 you can start taking totally envy worthy photos too! Learn more about the Sony QX10 available at Best Buy. I highly recommend geek squad protection plan. Even if you don’t break the camera, you can have it cleaned or the battery changed! Right now – Best Buy has this great Sony QX10 Bundle Packagefor $209 ($10 more than the camera itself!) which is an amazing deal.

I received the Sony QX10 in exchange for my opinions on it. All opinions are 100% my own.

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