Good books are a vital part of my kids’ lives. They are part of our daily routine, are great entertainment on rainy days, and help grow their precious brains. Silver Dolphin is constantly growing their great collection of books, and I’m so happy we added more to our collection!

My kids’ favorite additions are the Push, Pull, Turn books. These are so fun! We have three: Dump Truck Gets to Work, Up in the Air, and Fire Truck to the Rescue. Silver Dolphin also has a couple princess Push, Pull, Turn books. Most pages have a moving part of two, like fire truck ladders that go up, doors that open, planes that spin in circles, and so much more! My 4 year old adores moving the parts and pretends he’s right there in the action. Not only does it keep him enthralled, it helps teach him what each part does. 
silver dolphin books
My 2 year old loves the concept but I don’t trust her to be gentle enough with the pieces yet. Each part is decently well-attached and easy to move, but they are paper, so would be easy to rip off with excited, non-gentle fingers. I do recommend going through and moving each piece before giving it to your kids for the first time. A few moving parts are a bit stuck the first time, easy to get moving and then don’t stick again. 

We added two books that are great for my two year old as well! Up, Up, Up in the Tree has flaps and peek holes (so you can see a bit of the next page through the hole). It’s full of cute animals and forest scenes. Trace Race: Things That Go has a variety of different scenes on the pages. Each page has a path to trace across and is full of cute animals. Both books are more durable and appropriate for a older toddler or young preschooler.
These are only a few of the great books in the Silver Dolphin collection. Check them out online as well as on Facebook and Twitter for more!

I received the above books in exchange for this post. Opinions are 100% my own. 

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