Sick Babe’s Makes this Mama Sad.. and tired.

November 20, 2011

I hate it when my baby is sick… It seems that he just can’t catch a break this season!! It all started what seems like ages ago – but was about a month ago.  He had a bad cold, which progressed into a double ear infection.  We got him on antibiotics and he seemed to improve…



He’s teething molars.  All of them.


Then just Saturday he started again with the runny nose, which at first I chalked up to it just being his teeth… but then by evening had turned into another full-blown cranky-crabby-cant-breathe Cold.  He’s drooling and snotting so bad that I can hardly keep up with his laundry… or mine!

I had to change my pajamas in the middle of the night because he just had huge quantities of snot built up for me… all to rub right onto my shirt.  Which then reminded me after searching through the dark how few pairs of pajamas I own.. Most of them were so worn they’ve had to go in the garbage.  I’d love to get some pyjamas by ellos – It’s too bad that they’re European!  They look so comfy too!

This morning his cough was more like a barking seal and he’s been pulling at his ears again all day and super cranky.  Looks like I’ll be bringing him to the Dr. Tomorrow again for another ear check.  Meanwhile we’re giving him frequent steam breaks in the shower and covering him in Vicks.



  1. Poor baby! We are going through the same thing. My daughter is teething a ton (every time I open her mouth a new one has but through) so I initially chalked it up to teething. But nope, it is a cold and now I have it 🙁

  2. Bonnye Sensenig says:

    Oh no poor mama and poor baby! Nobody is happy when baby is sick! And teething on top of it- I hope it is all over soon!!! Last time my LO had a cold- i tried Maty’s chest rub- worked VERY well!!!

  3. Your poor little lovin’s!!! 🙁 I hope he gets to feeling better soon. Nothing is better than mama and warm pajamas when you are sick!!!

  4. sarah davis says:

    AWW i’m sorry to hear that. Hopefully he’s all better now.

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