Saw the Hunger Games Last night…

April 14, 2012

So, Last night – Joe and I had our first hired baby sitter who was not a relative.  I mentioned earlier in the week how excited I was to get out and spend some time with my husband.

We went to dinner, and then we went to see the movie The Hunger Games.


Several of my friends have read the books and saw the movies right when it came out. They were chatting about how amazing it is, and how I *have* to read it, and then have to see it.

Well. I watched the preview for the movie online a few months ago – and decided officially that it is FAR too scary for me to read..

But then my sitter had mentioned that her family went, including her younger brother (who is 10) – and they thought it was awesome.  So really, how scary could it be, Right??

YIKes! I was gripping my husbands arm mad tight… it was Super, Super Scary. (For Me at least…) but totally worth the distress to see it.


I did get hooked into the whole movie and my husband and I were talking all night about the different options of what happens next. (Although, I’m sure we could never really guess, being that there is enough content for two more books!)  Now I’m super intrigued by the whole thing – including where the author got the inspiration for such a horrible ‘show’ for the city and districts to be excited about.

How Ironic… May the odds be ever in your favor…

I’m interested in reading the book just to catch all the background details that the movie might have missed out on – Especially learning how different the book and movie might be from each other.

I wonder in the book about the costumes.  Does the book describe the wild costumes and the purple lipstick that looks like something the Queen of Hearts would wear to a Fancy dress ball?  I mean, I’ve got to say the costumes were very well done, but I just don’t get the whole significance of why they were dressed the way they were with grown men having blue hair and such.  I wonder if their target is something more like the current Hot Topic stores, hah!.

I was also confused by a few things in the movie.  There was that of the mention of 20% of them dying from natural causes like dehydration – but it seemed that water was plentiful in the stream.  Also I didn’t get why they tried to kill Katniss with the firebombs?  I see that they wanted her to get away from the edges of the arena – but… did they have to throw firebombs at her head?  Then she wouldn’t have died from the game, but rather by the people who are controlling the game.


How did Peeta paint that intricate rock stuff onto his face?

Anyway… just some random thoughts…  Anyone care to fill me in?

Either way, I thought it was a great movie, worth my two and a half hours and the extra payment to the babysitter because we came home after midnight…

One thing I can say for sure is that come this Halloween that the Hunger Games characters are going to be appearing everywhere! I was looking at the costume selections already available and saw some kids outfits on this fancydressball site that seemed like perfect outfits to go along with the movie.  I’m guessing they’ll be popular this year.

Even I am hooked.. and now downloading the books just so I can see what happens NEXT!!

Anyone else out there that was too scared to see/read it and then finally did it?  I’d say it was worth it. wouldn’t you? Would you let your 10 year old watch/read the series?

This post was brought to you by Fancy Dress Ball.


  1. Carolyn Ann Colley (Griffith, Smith) says:

    I want to go see this movie. Hope you had a good night with your husband. I could use some husband time too.

  2. Before I saw the movie I had NO idea what it was about (my friend dragged me to go see it and I’m glad she did). I just got done reading the first book and it was great I couldn’t put it down! I would answer the questions you posted but since you downloaded the book I dont want to spoil it for you :).

  3. Betty Baez says:

    I haven’t read or seen it but I’ve been hearing mixed reviews some people say its just plain awful watching kids fight, and then other say it’s amazing, and some say it misses things from the books. I’ll probably wait for it to get on the red box and rent it

  4. ellen levickis says:

    still not sure if i really want to see it due to violence

  5. Jennifer Hedden says:

    I have not seen this movie yet, but I want to. I am hoping to read the books before I see the movie. Thank you for the great post!

  6. You really do have to read the books. I am a little hesitant to see the movies because I just dont see how they can remake some of the things, like the costumes.. For me they could never recreate most of the costumes they are fantastically described in the book and just what ive seen of the costumes they are disappointing

  7. Cindy Merrill says:

    Absolutely NOT. Sounds sickening. My grandkids see enough violence on TV as it is.

  8. I’m planning to see this movie too.

  9. I do not watch anything the least bit scary. I have night mares easily for some reason. Thank goodness I read this post before I gave my son an answer as to if I would go with him (it was going to be a I’m in town for the week-end lets splurge event.) I will not watch it, I will not read it and I will not watch it when it comes to DVD lol Now Dramas and comedies that I’m into.
    Gladys P

  10. I have read the books but have no intention to see the movie. I decided quite a while ago that I do not need to pay to have horror and scary in my life.

  11. I don’t remember anything in particular about what people were wearing in the books. I think they took some liberties with them.

  12. Seyma Shabbir says:

    Saw the movie with my hubby who was the one who picked the movie. Then complained it was a chick flick and the movie was just DRAMA. Well I loved it!

  13. My 12 year old saw it with friends and then we took her to it again as a mom and dad date night with just her. She had read the books and I read only the first one. We really liked it because it is a story so unique it is not the same love story, war movie, shoot em up or silly comedy. I guess we are so conditioned in our family to my husband’s action movies we did not think was too bad, not any worse than the IMO silly vampire movies that have been out for teens the past few years.
    I think the fancy stuff was just to lend some color to the class systems of the possible future the author writes of in the book. Looking back to the Europeans when America was born, just think of the parasols and tiered dresses, and the men of stature who wore the freaky white wigs. (Think George Washington?). All the fanciness was maybe to show that the whole thing was a SHOW, like a reality show gone bad, and how the rich can force the lowly into sport for others to see, even to their death. And yet they could control part of the “game” by computer generated pressure on the players. In honesty, I was thinking about the Olympic games with all the splendor and money spent and all the news coverage of it. I was actually thinking in the movie if that could go “cold” in it’s competition some day? It is a movie that does draw you in and makes you think. I really cant wait til the next one, as we know it is something our almost teen will be able to connect with us on. She is completely hooked as she is a BIG reader and could not be more excited this book was made into a movie. Sort of like our son was in the Harry Potter ones and they were Much scarier in my opinion.

  14. Vickie Couturier says:

    thanks for the review,dont think this movie is for me,,but my grown kids like that type of movie,,,

  15. I didn’t watch it, so I am unqualified to give any opinion. Just leaving a comment so that i can get an extra entry today! Thanks!

  16. I guess I have to agree with Danielle on this one. I too could not go to see this movie and I needed to just comment on one of the place that wasn’t a giveaway. That is really getting hard to do as there aren’t many places without a giveaway attached to them.

  17. Debbie Welchert says:

    Wow you got my interests peaked. I haven’t even heard about these books until the movie came out. Now I have to see it or read the books or both. I think I’d better read the books first so I will understand the movie. Thanks for the great review.

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