SAFESKIN Kids Sport Wrap–Follow Up

April 29, 2012

Recently I participated in a great campaign with SAFESKIN – Talking about National Youth Sports Safety month, which is coming to a close in a few days.

(Can you BELIEVE it’s almost May?!!!)


Over the past few weeks I’ve been signing Andrew (my 3 1/2 year old) up for pretty much anything sport/classroom-like that involves 3 year olds, and my calendar is getting rather complicated. (I mean, as complicated as it can get for a 3 year old…)

But seriously, I see where parents of older children get so busy! I mean, the carpooling starts now, and ends… when they’re driving themselves?? Or What?image

My trunk is filled with these items:

Anyway – I’ve realized myself through this campaign and my schedule filling up, that I need to have an ‘emergency’ kit in my car.  Mine is a little different than what an older child might have in their gym bag – mostly because, well.. my kids are toddlers.

So my bag consists of things like extra pants, underwear, diapers, wipes, swim suits, towels, rain boots, sand toys, baby powder (for sand removal), non-perishable healthy snacks, band-aids, Neosporin, instant ice-packs, and SAFESKIN sports wrap. image

SAFESKIN® Kids Sport Wrap is a perfect choice for your kids’ gym bag – and can be purchased at Walmart for $3.94.  For more information on SAFESKIN – visit them on Facebook.  They also have a coupon for $0.50 off on facebook!


SO I’m sure you’re all wondering about who won the $100 Gift Card from Walmart — RiGhT?!

I drew the winner last night – and checked all the entries:  And the winner is: SassySasha!  Congratulations!

I received compensation from Kimberly-Clark Professional in the form of a gift card to participate in this campaign promoting the Sport Some Color SAFESKIN Kids Sport Wrap Challenge.The winner of this giveaway will be randomly chosen.  In addition, Kimberly-Clark Professional provided the gift card I am using as the prize in my promotion.


  1. I love this stuff! It works great and there is no sticky film left on the skin.

  2. It’s like the stuff the nurses use but in bright colors.

  3. Congratulations Sassy Sasha! I’m not to into car pooling unless I really, really know the person like my sister or best friend. I never have been, scary. I understand though how busy your schedule can be. Try to bring the right things on the right days to the right events without having them already in your trunk! I vowed to never trade vehicles again. You show up at T ball with the wrong car that has the Tap shoes in it’s trunk Ha ha
    Gladys P

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