Rest Well, Desktop!

February 11, 2012

My computer has been running almost non-stop since …. well…. BlogHer.

Last August was the last time that the the computer was shut down for more than a 12 hour stretch.  Probably even more than an 8 hour stretch.

Before that?? I don’t even remember.

So back in November I wrote a sweet letter of Apology to my computer for being so mean and abusive to it. It was acting up every now and again… but I *needed* it to get me through Christmas and all the Holiday blogging that I had to keep up with – And I *promised* that I would give it a rest shortly after the Holidays were over.


Lately it’s been hard to turn on…

Every time I turn it off, I have to go through several whacky steps – like turning off the power supply – inside the computer – and switching a few fans off and on… It’s weird.

So I’ve been saving money since shortly before Christmas as a retirement gift to my computer, and finally had enough…image

And got THIS Beauty! (Oh yeah, and that totally adorable purse to carry it in Winking smile )

I haven’t quite yet decided to put the desktop to full rest, or leave it up.. We shall see!


  1. Congrats! I’ve been thinking about getting a laptop lately- I have one but it’s a POS so I do all my work on my desktop but it’d be nice to be more portable! 🙂

  2. Gladys Parker says:

    That new computer should serve you well but I’d want to keep a back up just in case. Of Course you must have a sweet bag to carry your new computer in!
    Gladys P

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