Resolving to Be a Better Steward, Wife, and Mom

January 3, 2012

I’ve been posting about my goals for 2012 – the changes that I’d like to make. Check out the original post here.

These are my goals as far as Home and Family Life:

  • Get to Church! It’s so maddening: Every week for the last 2 months one or both of my children has been sick, which means they can’t go into the nursery at church… which means we didn’t go.  We live close enough to church (just a few blocks) that DH and I CAN take turns with the 3 church service times available.  There’s really no excuses… image
  • Continue Daily Reading in my Bible programs: I use a program on my iPhone that reminds me every night that I need to sit down and read my bible.  It’s very tempting for me to ignore the message and skip my readings.  But I’m not doing myself any justice by skipping it. image
  • Spend more Quality Family Time: Since about August, I’ve been non-stop at the computer and at the blog while my husband is home: taking advantage of him as a ‘babysitter’ vs. a family.  I need to put priorities and get my work done when the kids are napping.January 2011 028
  • Date Nights: I need to find a regular sitter, and make that part of my budget.  Grandparents are great – but when Summer comes around, they’re up at the cabin.P3240124
  •  More pictures where I’m not behind the camera!! I’m having a hard time finding pictures of me with my kids!


  1. I need to make a list of my goals as well. I know date nights definitely needs to be on that list. We haven’t been out alone since our 7 month old was born. I think it is time to call Grandma. It is so hard because we get in a rut and don’t even think about us time. Thanks for reminding me 🙂

    • Yes! ‘us’ time is DEFINITELY important. It’s so easy after a new baby to ignore the whole point of why you guys had a baby…!

      Pick up the phone and call that grandma 😀

      Plus, it’s good for baby to start getting used to grandma – it will make it easier when the separation anxiety kicks in then.

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