Resolving to be a better Blogger

January 2, 2012

I’ve been posting about my goals for 2012 – the changes that I’d like to make. Check out the original post here.

These are my goals as far as Blogging goes:

  • Blog more “Real”: I want to blog more stories that are not sponsored or product reviews – I want to share more about my family and my daily life as a wife, as a mother of two boys, and as an unemployed Dental Hygienist.image_thumb[9]
    • Of Course, I can’t get rid of the sponsored posts and product reviews: because they’re the ‘perk’ that I get for blogging!  A girl’s gotta pay her bills!
  • Become more Personable with my readers:  I’d love to be able to chat with all of my readers! I love making new friends, and I spend a lot of time talking on Facebook, Google Chat, and elsewhere! Chat with me!
  • Make my Facebook Grinning Cheek to Cheek page more interactive: Rather than me just posting my blog posts up, I’d love to have some interaction with everyone! image
  • Another blog Makeover: I believe that this *may* be in the works – but… we shall see! I <3 my design, I just might want more… Let’s table this idea for now.
  • Helping other bloggers: This is a huge passion of mine.  I love to help and share and grow together with other bloggers.
      There really are so many goals I have for my blog – but I have to remember that I can’t possibly be


    and do them all…. again, the point is that I need to..

Find the Balance!!!


  1. I love this post because I can relate to it completely. I have so many goals for my blog this year but I really need to take the time to write them down. I’d definitely like to blog more for ME so hopefully I can make that happen this year!

  2. Those are all great goals- in fact I’m making the same ones now! 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing some of your goals with us! I know that it definitely helps me to hear about others lives as well. As a mom of two boys as well, sometimes I am pulling my hair out of how to handle a problem. Sometimes just another perspective on how someone else avoids the problem or solves it can definitely be a help! I am excited to start reading more of your blog posts and thank you for everything you do. I know it takes time away from your family at times and your readers do appreciate it!!

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