Reflections of a small house…

April 18, 2011

Living life in a small space with kids is not easy. When I graduated College; we owned a 3 bedroom townhouse pretty far away from the cities.  I’m from the suburbs of Minneapolis; and our friends always referred to our house as being in ‘Canada’.  The job prospects just weren’t quite as nice out in the boonies as they were in the cities; and houses were going up in price so we were able to make a few thousand dollars by selling.

We then moved into my in-law’s house, so that we didn’t have to find our final destination until I found a job.  This was in the heart of 2005 when housing prices had nearly peaked. We ended up finding a beautiful condo for sale and figured we could live there for a few years and then move with a profit again when we decide to have kids.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

But wow, that place sure got small when we had Andrew… The second bedroom was my craft room – but I kissed all my craft goodies goodbye in place of having a nursery.  The tiny condo got even smaller yet when Ethan was born. We were talking about how we were going to have to get one of the variety of twin over full bunks and some cheap bunkie boards for the kids when they got a bit older.

Then the question would be ‘who get’s the top bunk?’ Because I know that would be what I would have fought for when I was younger – to be at the TOP!

So I’m extremely happy that we got out of our tiny condo – despite the frustrations of losing money on the condo – we’re so happy that we’ve found a great house with four bedrooms and a nice big yard to play in.  I’m happy that I will have my craft room back (when we empty the boxes that we’re storing in there); and both boys can have their own rooms… Unlesss….  Haha.. we’ll just leave it at that for now 🙂

Ok, no but seriously, if we were to have another child, we’d probably invest in the futon bunk beds so that the boys can both be on the top bunk and have some chill space down below and a spot for friends to spend the night if necessary!


  1. 4 bedrooms and a backyard (fenced) sounds like heaven right now!

  2. Last year we moved our fam of 4 from a tiny 1000 sqft home to a 2800 sqft home! So I know what you mean!! Heavenly!!

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