Protect Those Shiny New Gadgets

January 1, 2012

Did you get a new gadget for Christmas this year?  Maybe an iPhone, iPad, iPod – oh wait… there’s more out there than Apple products??? ha!

Anyway – If you were blessed with an awesome technological gift this year, you’re going to want to protect it from getting all scratched and scarred up, right?  What about making it pretty – and customized to you?DSC02144

Invisible Skinz are a perfect match for your device.  They’ve got them for all sorts of phones, pads, pods, and even computers!

They’ve got plain clear ones like what I got here – or colored, or themed ones!

image  image  image  image

They are scratch proof, adding no bulk to the device, and give an improved overall grip.  The coolest part? Free lifetime replacements!  They’ve got a lifetime guarantee where if your skin gets damaged while protecting your device, you will get a replacement one for free!


They’re {somewhat} easy to apply and they’re easy to remove and leave no residues behind.

I got the invisible shield to apply to my phone – although because I have a larger case that I plan on keeping my phone in, I ended up gifting the Invisible Shield to my mom for Christmas.  She recently got an iPhone and did not yet have a case – and she already has a scratch on her screen!! Not good Mama!


Anyway, so for Christmas I got this for her – and then she put me in charge of installing it, which I then handed it over to my husband to apply! ha!


Overall it took about 15 minutes to get both sides on perfectly.  We had to reapply the front shield for a second time – but it’s on perfectly now.  I’m SO happy that you’re able to remove and replace the shield on the phone while applying, otherwise it would have been stuck in the wrong position for good with bubbles in the middle of the screen!


It feels really strong and sturdy and it for sure will protect the screen from any further scratches.  Check out the Zagg Invisible Skinz online – or purchase from many retailers like Best Buy or Walmart.



  1. Oh I like those! My hubby & I just got iPhones, I will need to look into these skins.

    Thanks for the review!

  2. I really like that these protect without adding extra bulk to the phone. Definitely have to check them out for my Droid. Thanks!

  3. 1955nurse says:

    I have my iPhone in an Otterbox, but I’d love one of these skins for my laptop!!! Very cool… 😉

  4. That looks like a pretty indepth project though :). I would love one for our laptop though. But at the same time the boys might see it as more of a toy then. Hmm probably should error on the side of nothing that will draw their eye to it thinking it is a toy 🙂

  5. Vickie Couturier says:

    that is really cool,,my son an his wife need this for sure for their gadgets

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