Project List – Updated

October 21, 2011

Remember a while back when I wrote about all the crazy things that need to be done around our house? I think it was called the crazy project list or something like that?

Well if you don’t remember – Last February we purchased a foreclosed home that had a city inspection. We paid into an escrow account saying that we would get this ‘list’ of repairs accomplished within so many days…

Anyway – That list still exists.  Almost to its entirety.

However, our time with the City Inspector is up – and he wants results – FAST.

So, we worked out a deal with him on some… “tweaks”

So while the weather is getting cooler each day – and a quick flight to Las Vegas sounds so much more appealing – we decided it was time to get working on our projects.


Last weekend we *when I saw we, I mean mine and Jen’s husband (* were able to tear down the deck and keep the wood as ‘firewood’ – or in other words, he saved us the cost of getting a dumpster.

I think it looks TERRIBLE now. It wasn’t so great before, but now its awful.


We were also able to put some foam in the upstairs bedroom door so we don’t have to worry about replacing the door and matching the stains to the rest of the doors in the hallway.

Also Gross and more noticeable than the dent that was previously there.  But – The City has standards – ha!

DSC01047As for the garage, we are able to put a 1×6 over the bottom portion of the garage where it has rotted, and just paint the wood to match the garage.  This too will look cheap, but at least we get our money back! Open-mouthed smile


We still have to figure out how to mount the laundry tub to the wall – and get the trim replaced on the shed door.  But after that – we’re Golden!

This ‘tweaking’ took our project list down from over $10,000 of repairs to about $100 of repairs.  Much better for our budget.

Then we can get our money back from the city that they’re ‘holding’ for us.  THEN?? it’s time to find a cheap flight and get out of here!! Or… maybe a new garage door.  Tough Call.


  1. Wow! I agree, a flight to Vegas sounds much more appealing than all that work – smart to tweak it down. Hope you get a lot more done 🙂

  2. A lot of work wow, but once you are done you will feel so accomplished, right?

  3. Glad you found a way to get the costs to go down. That makes a huge difference. I’m sure you can’t wait until everything is really done.

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