Picking New Carpet Can Be Tough–Carpet One Makes The Process Simple!

May 24, 2013

When we purchased this house a little over two years ago – it was a foreclosed home that the bank had paid someone to come in and ‘fix up’ to make it move-in-ready. We didn’t “fall” for the gimmick of thinking that everything was perfect and brand new, but rather we knew that we would have to be budgeting to do several large projects over the next few years. But at least we could move in and live comfortably without worry of moldy carpet and horrible wallpaper to tear down.  Pretty much everything was ‘new’ – it was all just cheap and poorly installed.

In several blog posts I explained the condition of our flooring – being the floor obsessed person that I am – the floors have really been towards the top of my lists! One of our first projects was the Kitchen floor, where they laid linoleum down (and not very well…!).

Bad Installation Linoleum

So we replaced this with some laminate wood flooring, which has made a world of a difference.

Now – it’s time to tackle the cheap carpet that was here when we moved in.  I’m pretty sure they purchased the cheapest and whitest carpet they could find! haha!

New Carpet

But, soon that shiny new carpet turned into pressed, dirty carpet.  We don’t wear our shoes inside and get to stains as soon as we find them, but with two toddler boys – cheap white carpet quickly turns into a gross looking carpet.

Old Cheap Carpet

So I’m super excited to announce that we will be getting some new carpet Very SOON!  I couldn’t be more excited for it.  Remember when I talked to you all about the crazy softness of our Tigressa area rug from Carpet One? We are still as much in love with that rug as we were when we got it.  It’s still our boys’ favorite place to play (because it’s so soft!) and my husband still likes to lay on that carpet because it’s so cushy!

So when I was told that there was an even SOFTER version of Tigressa – I was a little bit hesitant to believe it…

That is, until I went into the Carpet One store and felt it!  The Tigressa Cherish *IS* softer than the regular Tigressa Soft Style – Amazingly enough.

Softest CarpetMy husband and I worked one-on-one with the Carpet One Consultant to pick out our favorite versions of the Tigressa Cherish.

Picking out Carpet

There are so many different styles, patterns, and thicknesses that it took a little while – but we finally narrowed it down to the ‘Lay Your Hands’ and the ‘Ballyanny III’.  We weren’t quite sure if we would be doing the upstairs living room, hallway and stairs; or if we would be doing the downstairs – so we picked one for each.

Styles of Carpet

The upstairs one – the Ballyanny III – is plushier (if that’s a word!)  and has a really tiny amount of color ‘fleck’ in it.  I don’t think I would be able to handle a totally solid color – but I also didn’t like the heavy ‘fleck’ look where it seemed that there was ‘stuff’ on the floor. I’d be vacuuming all day long!

Then the downstairs one we picked (Lay Your Hands) is a lower pile carpet which has a little bit of ‘design’ to it.  There are portions that are looped and then others that are not. This creates a really neat look that I don’t think we’ll have to cover with an area rug to keep our downstairs open space looking nice.

Taking Home Carpet Samples

We were able to take home the samples over night so we could match up the colors.  Then our sales-guy came over in the morning and measured our spaces. I am sure glad that we took home the samples – because the colors I was *positive* of at the store were not the colors that looked the best with my furniture!

I’m still not sure if we’ll be doing both upstairs and downstairs or just one – but I’m hoping to be able to do both! – I’m SO excited for the carpet to be installed, and I’ll update you on the installation process and the before/after – soon!

If you’re looking to update your carpet soon – I highly recommend you check out the Tigressa Line from Carpet One.  The Tigressa Cherish line creates carpet that’s strong enough for playtime, yet soft enough for naptime.

I am working with Carpet One and they are providing us with carpet and installation for one of our spaces. Be sure to thank Carpet One and think of them for your next flooring projects!


  1. How fun and amazing for you! I know those Tigressa carpets we reviewed for our living rooms are amazzzzing! It’s still my favorite place to curl my bare toes. I can’t wait to see how it turns out for you.

  2. I know what you mean … carpet and flooring in general is one of the biggest things I looked at when I looked for a house…. and now that I’m moving in with jeff… we just replaced the horrible ugly pink Barffy looking carpet in cjs room. Next to tackle is the master room…. I would love to surprise him with new carpet…. you are making me want to check out that line of carpeting

  3. courtney b says:

    that looks gorgeous! and my husband is a carpet installer…

  4. I’ve been wanting new carpet in my living room… now you got me wanting to go to Carpet One and feel their carpet haha. I really should check this out, thanks for sharing.

  5. Sarah L says:

    My house could use new carpets – shag is *so* not in style. Thanks for the info

  6. Michelle S says:

    flooring is a tough choice because I have to feel it to agree with it.

  7. Karen Glatt says:

    I need to get new carpet in my house, and I really like that Carpet One can make the process easy in getting carpet. I know that a lot of places now have great deals and they give a good deal on the installation when you buy carpet. I like the colors that you picked!

  8. Kikoo !

    Mes parents m’ont appellée Calandre et j’aime beaucoup ce prénom.

    J’ai 18 ans : je ne fait pas de complexe à le dire .
    Je suis conductrice de ligne de fabrication . Il est dit souvent de moi que je semble blagueuse.

  9. MAR GOLIS ROSE says:

    It’s about time for us to get new carpet for the living room, too. But we can’t find a nice-looking dark one that the kids won’t ruin 🙁

  10. I need new carpeting almost everywhere . With the grandkids now the carpets gets alot messier and so do the floors so maybe I will wait until their alittle older. They have so many different carpets out now then when we got them before – more of a decision.

  11. We had ballyanny III installed which we love for it’s soft and plush. However, I have puchased/tried 4 different vac’s (with height and suction adjustment, and can turn off the power brush) plus 4 more at a vac store testing them on a left over piece. None of them work. They either stop dead or are back breaking difficult to push. Have you had this problem and if not, what vac are you using.

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