Peter Pan is Coming Out of the Vault on Feb 5th – Giveaway

January 30, 2013

I just love when the Disney movies come out of the vault! When I was younger and my mom started buying the Disney movies for my brother and I – I assumed that they were brand new movies that had just come out… you know – like in the 80’s.

But the fact of the matter is that Disney’s Peter Pan is celebrating its 60th anniversary, and along with that – they are releasing the Peter Pan Diamond Edition Blu-ray Combo Pack (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy & Storybook App), available for purchase on Tuesday February 5th! Peter Pan Box Art

The Diamond Edition also includes the groundbreaking feature Disney Intermission, Growing up with Nine Old Men short film, never-before-seen Deleted Scenes and a never-before-heard Deleted Song.

The 3-Disc Blu-ray Combo Pack will be available for a limited time only for the suggested retail price of $44.99 (US) and $51.99 (Canada) from Walt Disney Studios.

To learn more and keep informed on this release visit or “like” the Facebook page at

Excited to have this movie for yourself? Enter here to win!

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One Lucky GC2C Reader will Win a Peter Pan Prize Pack: Including the Poster, 3-Disk Blu-ray combo pack, and other TBD promo items!

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This giveaway ends at 11:59 PM EST on February 15th, 2013.


  1. Tabathia B says:

    My youngest daughter has never seen this version of Peter Pan before

  2. Adrienne gordon says:

    my kids love this movie

  3. Jennifer Hedden says:

    We are trying to collect the Disney Classic movies and can’t wait until this movie comes out.

  4. debbie jackson says:

    We love Captain Hooke

  5. Sandy VanHoey says:

    My grandson got his picture taken at Disney with Peter Pan so he’d love to see this. He was so excited just getting a picture

  6. peter pan is a great movie.

  7. Maria Malaveci says:

    I would really love to win this for my kids. I love Peter Pan, and so do they, but we don’t own it anymore, as we had only had it on VHS tape.

  8. Michelle C says:

    My two little ones would enjoy this! They’ve never seen Peter Pan.
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  9. Leslie Galloway says:

    My children love Peter Pan, and so do I!

  10. This is an all time classic.

  11. Shemp DeYoung (@shempgames) says:

    I’m really looking forward to this one. I love the way the classic Disney animated films look when they are remastered for Blu-Ray. Can’t wait!

  12. Austin Baroudi says:

    My daughter loves Peter Pan, especially for the fact that Tinkerbell is in it!

  13. Anastasia says:

    Such a classic! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  14. Cynthia R says:

    peter pan is one of my favorites!

  15. great contest

  16. Matt Stringham says:

    I would be so excited to win this!! Peter Pan is one of my all time favorites!

  17. April Brenay says:

    this was one of my favorite disney movies as a kid

  18. Sue Ellison says:

    I love this movie, would love to share it with my kids!

  19. I would love to win this for my grandkids

  20. We love peter pan, would love to add this to our collection of family movies.

  21. I love this movie but my daughter has never seen it. Would love to win!

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  22. Kara Jeremias says:

    As a child I had an extensive collection of Disney movies on VHS, unfortunately, I gave them away.. and now would love to collect the lot for my own kids.

  23. One of the greatest of all Disney classics that continue to inspire kids, as well as adults of all ages to believe.

  24. natalie nichols says:

    I loved Peter Pan as a kid. I’m sure my son will love it too.

  25. Peter Pan was one of my childhood favorites. My kids and I would love this!

  26. I love the Peter Pan movie and havent seen it in so long.

  27. Awesome family movie, thanks for the chance to win.

  28. crystle tellerday says:

    i love tinkerbell

  29. my daughter is obsessed with Peter Pan. Her baby doll is Michael and she’s usually Wendy when playing.

  30. Tammy Shelton says:

    My FAVORITE Disney Movie and my Fave Disney Character: Tink!

  31. Gina Brickell says:

    I am a lover of Disney movies and have been collecting them for my son since he was born. He’s now 5 and believe it or not this is one that I do not have.. Would love to get this for him!!!

  32. Amy Orvin says:

    I haven’t seen that movie in years. It would be nice to won it!

  33. what a precious movie
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  34. D Schmidt says:

    This is a great movie, I have such fond memories of watching it as a child.

  35. sandra davis says:

    love peter pan

  36. danielle lima says:

    I love Captain Hook.

  37. Stephanie says:

    Peter Pan is one of my favorites!

  38. carol roberts says:

    we love peter pan

  39. Carrie Phelps says:

    Definitely a classic and one my own children enjoyed. I’m not sure if any of my three grandchildren have yet seen this but I sure would enjoy it again.

  40. Samantha C. says:

    My kids would love this movie!

  41. This was one of my favorite Disney movies growing up!

  42. nannypanpan says:

    my son would love this movie

  43. I think my son would love Peter Pan, he’s a huge fan of Jake and the Never Land Pirates so he’s starting to understand who Pan and Captain Hook are!

  44. Christina says:

    Peter Pan has always been one of my favorites, I can’t wait to own a copy. I think I’ve loved it since riding the Peter Pan ride at Disney with my grandpa, such great memories – I vividly remember the Peter Pan ride and Its a Small World with my grandpa.

  45. Colleen Maurina says:

    Peter Pan has always been one of my favorite Disney movies and I can’t wait to see it with my little grandchildren!

  46. Kathy Schoenherr says:

    My grandkids would love this.

  47. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says:

    It’s been ForEVER since I’ve seen this…can’t wait to watch it again!

  48. Tami Vollenweider says:

    My Nieces would love this movie

  49. Sonya Sanderson says:

    Peter Pan…awesome!

  50. My daughter and future son-in-law are collecting Disney movies and I know they’d love this.I’d like to see it also.Thank you for the awesome giveaway! 🙂

  51. I loved Peter Pan when I was a kid, can’t wait to share it with my grandson!

  52. melissa teears says:

    My son loves Peter Pan and so do I. I is great that he enjoys a movie that I grew up watching.

  53. Peter Pan is still my favorite movie in the whole world! I’m excited about this giveaway:)

  54. I can’t believe it’s coming out of the vault; this is one of those Disney movies that I grew up watching but haven’t seen fully for a long time! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  55. My daughter can’t wait for this to come out!

  56. Janet Benthin says:

    I would love to share this video with my children

  57. nichol tone says:

    I loved this movie when I was a kid and I would love to watch this with my kids

  58. Kathleen Downes says:

    My son has never seen this movie and I would love to win it for him.

  59. What a great movie, my kids and niece would love it.

  60. Megan Parsons says:

    Peter Pan is awesome! I liked it when I was little!

  61. Kristina Wilson says:

    I love Peter Pan

  62. Amy Green says:

    I did not get to see the movie Peter Pan, until years later on VHS home video. I had always just listened to the book and soundtrack album-on vinyl!

  63. Cassandra Eastman says:

    My son LOVES Peter Pan, i’m so glad they are releasing it again! Thanks for the giveaway!

  64. I always loved watching Peter Pan as a kid. I would love to have this! Thanks for the opportunity!

  65. I love Peter Pan! I hope I win this!

  66. Peter Pan was my favorite movie growing up! I remember always wanting to watch it when Id get out of my bath and Id cuddle up next to my day and watch it while we’d eat apples 🙂

  67. First star on the right and straight on until morning.
    Thanks for the contest.

  68. I would love to watch this with my daughter!

  69. kelly nicholson says:

    Leave a Relevant Comment on this blog post


  70. Jennifer Rote says:

    Great movie, would love to add this to our collection.

  71. jodi frasier says:

    Would love to win this movie. My kids dont have this one yet. Thanks

  72. casey everidge says:

    my nephew loves peter pan!!

  73. Alex Roach says:

    I loved peter pan!

  74. I would love to watch this with my family. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen it.

  75. would love to watch this movie with my kids. we are headed for disney in june. thanks

  76. Lori King says:

    I loved this movie as a child.

  77. Christina o says:

    My family loves Disney movies. I would love to win this.

  78. rebecca williams says:

    My daughter loves Peter Pan. My husband and I didn’t think she’d like it but she does! I’d love to own a copy.

  79. I used to love this movie growing up. I’m excited for my daughter to get to enjoy it now, too

  80. Amanda Alvarado says:

    This is one that we will be adding to our collection! I’d love to win it though – would save me the $45! LOL

  81. Peter Pan is such a classic and I’m so happy to be able to share it with my daughter.

  82. Jennifer Young says:

    Thank you so much for the chance to win, my daughters would LOVE this!

  83. Mommyofone Shanna says:

    aHH I loved this movie as a child ! My son would love this !

  84. Stephanie Larison says:

    I used to love this movie when I was younger! My daughter hasn’t seen it yet, so would be fun to watch it with her.

  85. Sara Wood says:

    My kids have never seen Peter Pan but they would love it!

  86. We’re doing a Disney wedding and my future hubby has never seen Peter Pan. So excited that it’s coming out of the vault.

  87. Enizete Lane says:

    Great prize.

  88. Carolyn A Colley (Griffith, Smith) says:

    very nice, I would love to have this prize pack

  89. Allison Downes says:

    Love this movie! Would love to win, thanks for the chance!

  90. peter pan is the best story of all time

  91. katklaw777 says:

    Came for a recipe and stayed for the giveaways…lol…thanks!

  92. my kids haven’t seen this movie yet. i know they’d love it!

  93. Jessica Rose says:

    I love peter pan! When I was little I wanted to be a lost boy =P

  94. Such a wonderful part of my childhood. Peter Pan is a timeless Disney classic.

  95. Annmarie W. says:

    Right behind Mary Poppins, Peter Pan is my next all-time favorite Disney movie!

  96. Our family loves Disney movies

  97. Dwayne Berry says:

    My little girl loves Tinkerbell

  98. I would love to win.


  99. Brittany C. says:

    I loved the movie as a child, I’d love for my son to see it!

  100. Ashley Hatten says:

    would love to win! I haven’t seen this movie in sooo long!

  101. My family loves disney movies. We have a list of movies we would love to own. We check them off as soon as we get them. Peter Pan is on our list =)

  102. Kristy Thiel says:

    My daughter loves Peter Pan! Thanks for hosting!

  103. Victoria Carlson says:

    Love all the classic Disney movies! Nothing like them for sure 🙂

  104. Would love to watch Peter Pan with my kids.

  105. Peter Pan has been my favorite movie since I was a kid

  106. gotta love anything disney

  107. my son would love this

  108. My three kids would love it thanks for the chance

  109. think this might be my fav (older) disney movie!

  110. Darlene Ysaguirre says:

    This would be great to add to the collection

  111. jamie braun says:

    my daughters & I love Peter Pan!

  112. Rich Hicks says:

    What a classic! Want to get this even if I don’t win!

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  113. its one of my fav disney movie

  114. Stephen N. says:

    Would love to add this to the Disney collection!

  115. Michelle Frame says:

    I have always wanted to see this movie.

  116. I would love to add this to my movie collection! Thanks for the chance. 🙂

  117. This is one of the few DIsney movies I am not very familiar with and don’t own (yet!)

  118. Jamie Brigham says:

    I’d love to win this for my 2 and a half year old son, my hubby and my self. We are Disney fanatics and I remember this movie from childhood and I am positive my son would love this.

  119. awesome giveaway! We love peter pan!

  120. Paula Michele Hafner says:

    I’m excited to see this is back out. I want it for my kids. I love Tinkerbell.

  121. Jill Myrick says:

    I would love to win “Peter Pan” to watch with my children and add to our Disney collection.


  122. Amanda Kinder says:

    I used to love watching this when I was little!

  123. Gennie Lancaster says:

    Peter Pan was one of my favorite movies growing up and I can’t wait to watch it with my daughter!

  124. I haven’t seen Peter Pan in years and would love to have my son watch it

  125. Melanie Montgomery says:

    I ove Peter Pan, One of my favorite movies.

  126. Katrina Mitchell says:

    Have two foster children who have never seen Peter Pan

  127. Rebecca Peters says:

    This was one of my favorite movies as a kid

  128. Madeline Jones says:

    This would be awesome for my godson!

  129. Michelle W says:

    I have not seen this since I was a kid, can’t wait to watch it again

  130. Ed Nemmers says:

    I would love to watch “Peter Pan” with Josie!

  131. Debra Hall says:

    this is one of my favorites

  132. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says:

    peter pan is the best of a child’s imagination
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  133. This would be a great addition to our dvd library.

  134. I love Peter Pan! Tinkerbell is my favorite!

  135. Dorothy Deakyne says:

    My son has not seen this movie yet,

  136. Candice Hull says:

    I love this movie! My boys have not seen it yet, but I know they will love it…what boy doesn’t

  137. Thanks for the giveaway!

  138. dani marie says:

    peter pan is my fave disney movie.

  139. Sheila Hickmon says:

    My kiddos love Peter Pan, thanks for the chance!

  140. kathy pease says:

    I have not seen this in years I remember watching as a kid and it was one of my favorites

  141. andy saighman says:

    we would love to win peter pan! my little one has never seen it before

  142. I have sen every version & production of Peter Pan & this one is still my favorite!

  143. My son and daughter would just love this!!!

  144. one of my favorite movies and would like to share with my kids

  145. Aimee Fontenot says:

    To be honest, I’ve never actually seen this movie. I’d love to watch it though!

  146. mary reynolds says:

    My grandchildren would love to see this movie, ofcourse with their Nona

    Thanks for the sweeps

  147. shanta spradlin says:

    My children love this movie, even my 14yr old

  148. Paula Tavernie says:

    Me and the grandsons love this movie!!!
    ptavernie at yahoo dot com

  149. I like Disney movies and do not have this one.

  150. Julia Packer says:

    i want this for my friend, its her favorite by disney, she wants to fly like peter

  151. We’re BIG Peter Pan fans in our house, I couldn’t believe how expensive the DVD was when I looked it up for a Christmas gift!

  152. Leanne Hill says:

    I loved this movie growing up! would love to have my son watch it also

  153. Eric Young says:

    I love Tinkerbell!

  154. Nicole Lancaster says:

    I loved Peter Pan as a child. My favorite was always Tinkerbell. I think my kids will really enjoy it.

  155. I love Peter Pan…and my children do too. 🙂 Thank you.

  156. My niece would love this!

  157. My daughter loves this movie. I would like to win this Peter Pan DVD for her.

  158. Peter Pan was one of my favorite movies when I was a kid.

  159. susan smoaks says:

    i love the movie peter pan

  160. Vikki Billings says:

    Peter Pan was one of my favorite movies, I want to share this movie with my grandkids I know they will love it as much as I do.

  161. Susan Smith says:

    My daughter would love this DVD,

  162. My five yr old would be in live

  163. I would love to win this prize.

  164. My children haven’t see this movie yet!

  165. Stephanie Phelps says:

    I always enjoyed Peter Pan as a child and would love to share with my kids and of course being able to see again would be super cool especially on Blu Ray
    Thank you for the giveaway

  166. this is a great movie

  167. This is one of my favorite Disney classic movies of all time and I would love to share with my family, thanks!

  168. Such a classic movie. I LOVE this movie!

  169. Elle Thomas says:

    My first speaking role in theatre was in Peter Pan! I love this story!

  170. One of my favorites

  171. I remember the first time I saw this movie, I loved it

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