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November 8, 2011

For a Kick-Butt Party!

I know how special first birthday parties are supposed to be – and I didn’t want anything less than amazing for my baby.


I enlisted the help of Party City to get the awesome Birthday Party Supplies that made my party spectacular.

It was such a tough choice to pick through the 1st Birthday Party Themes, but we finally ended up with the Sweet Little Cupcake theme!


As I look over the photos from my party, I realize I didn’t have many great pictures of the decorations – but let me just tell you – This house was decorated SO awesome!!  This is about the closest picture I have to show the décor – and it was from a cell phone.

379409_2335627944922_1076540886_32551243_1642351190_nMy favorite and *must have* pieces to this party was the swirl decorations and the party kit.  At only $9.99 each, these will *MAKE* your party.  I had swirls hanging from most areas of my house – the lights in the living room and from all the decorations in the dining room!

image      image

We decided since the theme was ‘cupcakes’ that all of our foods should be in ‘cupcake’ form.

We Had Cupcake Meatloaf with Mashed Potato Frosting and Corn Sprinkes – I’ll put up the recipe soon.  I got the great idea from a friend – – Hers look much better than mine, but they were *Awesome*


Then we also had mini Jello Cupcakes with Cool Whip frosting – another thing I didn’t get a picture of!


Our snacks were served in cupcake liners, and for desert? of course! Cupcakes!DSC01216

To end the party, we had all the kiddos pull a string from this ever so adorable cupcake pinata.  Unfortunately it happened so fast that no one got pictures of this event!  I love that they have pinatas with pull-strings so that even toddlers can participate in the fun – and it’s so much more safe than whacking it!


When you’re on the hunt for 1st birthday party supplies – definitely check out PartyCity.Com for everything that you need!  One order, and you’re all done (except for food!)



  1. Cute! I’ve seen that stuff at Party City before and I think I’m going to get some of it for my son’s first birthday party as well 🙂

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