Ohhh.. The Triple Play Packages… #Rant

March 22, 2012

I have spent many-an-hour on the phone over the last several days changing our internet service from Comcast to Century Link and subsequently switching our cable television over to DirecTV.

It’s amazing to me how some companies choose their Global Response – and how great (or bad) of a choice they make… Here’s my rant:

When we first moved here, I set up a triple-play package from Comcast, in which I *am pretty sure* that they said we had a two year contract with them, and a fixed price for two years.  Well – this last month (12 months later) our bill went from around $100/month to over $180/month.  YiKES!  So we figured we’d just drop cable TV and the home phone all together…


Their customer service is AWFUL.  I mean… Seriously.. $80/month for internet only – is that the best they can do?!  I was even transferred to their so-called retention department where… they offered me $10 off per month for the next 12 months.  I cancelled.

Anyway – Century link had a lower internet price overall for us – and then talked us into the triple play package with them and DirecTV.
(DirecTV is pretty Winking smile) JustSayin.

I literally spent 4 hours on the phone with the Century Link Representative  before we decided that she would call me back when they got the problem figured out.  Then spent another two hours on the phone again later in the evening.  I’m pretty sure her entire work-day revolved around getting me set up..  Something about my address being a 1/2 street after-thought – REALLY messes up some computer systems…  (and we were dealing with two separate companies systems…)!


The lady was super friendly and oh-so-sweet, I was happy to have been served by her… She also didn’t try to upsell me on anything (other than the triple package, haha!) but she convinced me that 20mb/s is probably overkill for what I do online, and worked out a way for me to get the most rebates for my services – and exactly when to call and cancel the extra services so I save money in the coming months too Open-mouthed smile

So even though it wasn’t the most fun day I spent on the phone, it certainly was made acceptable and understood by having the best Customer Care Center Representative.  I’m so happy that they exist!

And… DirecTV is Pretty Winking smile

P.S.  I <3 my internet, but I still have to call them back to figure out how in the world to set up my voice mail… all calls go to voicemail after two rings, and It tells them my voicemail isn’t set up so no one can leave a message… – and I can’t figure out how to fix it.


What do you do for internet? Do you find it’s almost better off for you to get a triple type package: phone, internet, cable; vs. getting just internet?alogo41


  1. courtney b says:

    cable companies have the worst customer service.. i swear

  2. We will find that out in May. We are canceling our cable and just keeping phone and internet. We figure we can probably get a better deal on netflix and then with xbox we can stream all the sports for my hubby. We will see how it goes

  3. Betty Baez says:

    I have triple play for cable vision and yikes I’m scared to see how much it will be after the promotion period is over!

  4. Janet W. says:

    We have had a heck of a time with Comcast, too. They seriously have the worst customer service and I swear I know more than they do.

  5. Hello,
    Thanks for the positive mention. Here is a link to the use of all the home features that you might find useful: http://qwest.centurylink.com/residential/products/callingfeatures.html
    If you have any other questions or needs, please feel free to email us directly at TalkToUs@CenturyLink.com, here to help.
    Steve @CenturyLinkHelp Team

    • Oh good! Thanks Steve!
      Sending you a message now! 😀

    • The mentions are not going to be so positive as of right now. Someone seriously messed up my account and now I’m spending another howevermany hours on the phone with you guys AGAIN. I’m ANGRY. I *will* be blogging about this poor situation that I am suffering for because of whoever set up my account wrong. I do not have the time and/or the money to fix this problem. I’m furious.

  6. They always hook you with that introductory offer. I have learned to be very wary of those great sign up offers. My kids are on their own and i dont watch tv so the only service i get is internet. If i want to watch movie I have Netflix set up and just found out I can get an HDMI and hook my laptop to my TV?

    • That’s really the smart way to do it. It is what we were planning on doing – because really we weren’t watching all that much TV. The thing that got me was that it was just a few $ extra per month to get all three, and I like having a home phone – and I like the DVR options, so when I Do want to watch something, I can record and watch it when I have time…. which is rare, lol!

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