If your New Year’s resolution is to spend more time with family, I’ve got a great way to do that! The easy answer: Pressman and Goliath games! Games are great for gatherings or two people or so many more, and can spread over such a wide variety of ages!

A game night is such a fun way to bring the family together! It may seem old or “boring” to put away the cell phones and spend time around the table, but Pressman and Goliath have so many different kinds of game options, and new games, that there is something for everyone. I have incredibly fond memories of playing games with my family, and I still look forward to chatting around a game table when we get together for visits. My preschoolers are just discovering the fun of games, and I love seeing the imagination and growth of their brains as we play!

Our new favorite game is called Stuff Happens. Each card has a bad or terrible event on it rated on a scale of how traumatic it is from 1-100. As you make each other guess where it falls on the scale, you get to laugh (or cry a little inside) about the different events and question why in the world it fits where it did! There are enough cards that we don’t repeat any within a few rounds, and by the time we do come across duplicates it’s been long enough that we don’t remember their rating. So fun!

We also really enjoy Tri-ominos! Like dominoes, but 3 sided, match at least 2 of the three numbers to keep building outward until you run out of tri-ominos. My 5 year old insisted on learning how to play, and it was easy enough for him to figure out, and simple enough for him to play with little help from me. Simple but fun, with possibilities to use strategy as much as luck. 

I’m excited to bring Are You Normal? with us on a family vacation to San Antonio! This game is for 18+, so it’s not great for my littles, but it will be fun with family after the littles go to bed! The idea is that everyone answers a question Yes or No, then find out what percent of people answered the same way as you. See how normal your quirks actually are!

Rummikub is a game I’ve enjoyed since I was a teenage. Putting together tiles in groups or runs to empty your board is a similar concept to many cards or other games, with the unique ability to rearrange any played tiles. It can take a lot of thinking depending on how lucky you draw! 

Check out Pressman and Goliath for more game options. Then pick an evening (or morning or afternoon) and start playing! Even if it only lasts 5 minutes the first time, game time will catch on and bring memories that can’t be outgrown!

Pressman and Goliath sent me these games to review for this post. Opinions are 100% my own. Enjoy!

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