New House, No Cat Smell! #plantpower

November 19, 2013

Everybody poops. Cats too. And litter doesn’t always do a good job of covering it up. So Fresh Step challenged me with a garlic test and challenged my kitties with Fresh Step Kitty litter. Fresh Step provided the litter and compensated me for sharing this with you, but opinions are 100% my own. The results: Fresh Step kitty litter is definitely the smart choice for our cats!

Fresh Step Litter BoxFresh Step recently improved their litter with carbon and plant extracts to suck up and eliminate those icky kitty odors naturally and more effectively! Yay for #plantpower!

Which Kitty Litter is Best?

We have three cats and for a while we had three litter boxes because they were not cooperating. We tried different litters, locking them in the basement (where the boxes were) and all carpet sprays in existence. Eventually we ended up changing out the carpet for hardwood and using Kilz Paint to get rid of the odor. Then we moved to an RV and they actually used their litter box! But the stink was still there. It wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t good either. We were using Tidy Cats, because the cats used it and it was among the cheaper brands.

Fresh Step Kitty

The Fresh Step Smell Test

Tidy Cats sent me three containers with a little litter and some garlic juice: Tidy Cats, Fresh Step, and Arm & Hammer. All good litters, as far as I ever knew, and pretty similar in price. So we did our smell test: shake the container, take a whiff, and pick the best before looking at the bottom. Bottle A: not horrible but still smells like garlic. Bottle B: wow! We barely noticed the garlic. Bottle C: Ick! No way. Not smelling that again.

Fresh Step Wins

Fresh Step is Best

The Results: B is best, then A, the C loses. B is Fresh Step! Sweetness! A is Tidy Cats, and C is Arm & Hammer. So, we put Fresh Step in the litter box and brought the cats to the new rental house (smell free and cat-ready). So far, it’s been awesome! We walk by the litter box many times a day while putting things where they belong, and I haven’t been taken back by the smell at all. That reminds me, I better scoop it because it’s full (and I still can’t smell it, so I keep forgetting)!

Fresh Step Smart Kitty

Fresh Step Giveaway

Win 1 of 5 Fresh Step Cat Litter coupons for a Free 14lb bag of scoopable litter!

Fresh Step Prize

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  1. Holly Thomas says:

    My cat is a 6 month old Maine Coon named Oskar that I rescued from a deplorable situation.

  2. Kim Henrichs says:

    I have five cats and a new rescue. Always looking for good litter!! 🙂

  3. i have 3 kitties all different personalities but I love them all

  4. We have a new kitten, Lily, She is a sphynx

  5. My formerly feral kitty & I have been together nearly 14 years now, and I love him more every day—he, on the other hand, still isn’t that thrilled with me!

  6. I have 6 cats and do out of pocket TNR . I like this litter and use Fresh Step all the time!

  7. I have one stinky tuxedo cat. She rules the house.

  8. Our cats are so messy with the cat litter! That may be all cats, but I swear they purposely kick it out of the litter box!

  9. I have 8 indoor cats and I go through A LOT of cat litter. I could really use this and love Fresh Step litter.

  10. Kimberly Schotz says:

    We have a wonderful Cat named Chuck who loves sunbeams

  11. We have one diva furkid named Amber who loves her Freshstep!

  12. Lisa Elliott says:


  13. Heather Baribeau says:

    my cat eats poptarts lol

  14. I have three cats, two females and one boy. The boy thinks he’s a siberian husky…probably since he grew up with a pack of then…lol.

  15. We have an adorable, handsome cat who adopted us.

  16. Cynthia C says:

    I have a beautiful cat, Sophie.

  17. I love my cats

  18. sara haaf says:

    I have 7 kitties inside. People keep dumping cats on my property. I am currently working with the humane society to trap and neuter a bunch of feral strays, I agreed I would feed them and they will bring them back. (otherwise they would trap and euthanize them.)

  19. Tracie Trump says:

    This the only litter use for my cat Roo, my T Michelle Trump and my email is

  20. Mary Anderson says:

    Our rescue cat just learned to use the litter box.

  21. Casey Everidge says:

    my kitty would love to give this a try!

  22. We have 2 cats, Bowser and Princess. They are best friends.

  23. beverly mckinley says:

    my cat is a siamese 2 year who I fed from the bottle at 3 days because her mom got ate by a coyote out in golden valley she is great.

  24. My neighbors trap and release feral cats. I would LOVE to donate the litter coupon to them! They go through so much of it while the ate recover from their surgeries!

  25. I have two amazing kittens, one is name Tina and the other is Lee ann chin! I love my cats!

  26. We have 3 kitties; we constantly need litter

  27. We currently have 6 cats and we use Fresh Step period. I have tried every litter made at least once and they are the only brand the can handle the smell. You wouldn’t even know they were there if you didn’t see them!

  28. We have two cats. One’s name is Kiki and the other’s name is Snicklefritz Phew Garbonzo Bean.

  29. I have an adorable cat named Moon. Always looking for a new litter!

  30. I use Fresh Step & Arm & Hammer for our 4.

  31. Karen Drake says:

    I am not a “cat” person but somehow we have four cats now!

  32. My orange cat is kind of a jerk, and uses the litter box out of sheer spite when I don’t share my people food with him.

  33. cheryl larimer says:

    One rescue cat – loves to be off by himself and aloof.

  34. Malisa Karn says:

    We have one crazy kitty!

  35. rich morris says:

    So I made the mistake of naming my cat (who was the runt of the litter) “Tiny.” Well, today she is anything but tiny!

  36. Stephanie Larison says:

    We have a orange tabby cat that my daughter named pumpkin, probably since we got her around Oct, lol. She’s a rescue, age 4

  37. I have a two year old black cat that my husband says I spoiled him because he likes his box scooped after he does his thing

  38. I have one kitty. Her name is Elle and she is a diva. My son brought her home 2 years ago without permission because she was the cutest cat he had ever seen. Of course he didn’t get in trouble because she is the cutest kitty ever.

  39. Sherry Eckman says:

    I have two cats, a brother and a sister. (From the same litter) They are always together, and you can really tell how much they love one another. When my cats use the litter box, for some reason they do not cover. They both scratch and scratch, but do not cover. Weird! One thing I know is my family would not be complete without them.

  40. We have 3 cats all of who we adopted from the shelter. Gwyn is our newest fur baby to join her brother Scotty and sister Princess.

  41. Don’t have a kitty right now, but I had one for 17 years.

  42. I have 2 senior kitties and i’m always looking for a litter that will work best. thanks!

  43. amanda whitley says:

    i have two complete opposite kitties. one loves to cuddle the other doesn’t. one is fat one is skinny. one loves to play the other doesnt,

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