National Learn to Swim Day!!

May 18, 2012

So, even though the weather in Minnesota is way better than normal for this time of the year- the pools are still not opening until June. I am practically counting the days until the outdoor pools open so we can have some fun in the water!!


But in case if you didn’t already know – National Learn to Swim Day is TOMORROW! Saturday, May 19th!


May is actually National Water Safety Month !  And with the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend, National Learn to Swim Day is an effort to raise awareness about the importance of teaching children to swim, and provide resources to parents for teaching their kids the important skill.

Many of you have seen the awesome SwimWays Swim Team badge on the sidebar of my blog.  It’s because I have teamed with SwimWays for the summer to share with you about their great learn-to-swim products that they have for my cute little toddlers Open-mouthed smile


I can’t wait to get to the pool to try them out and show you what I like and don’t like about each of those things!DSC09985

Some VERY alarming Stats about Swimming:

· According to the Red Cross, drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional injury-related death for children ages 1 to 14 years old.

· Statistics show that children ages 1 to 4 drown most often in home swimming pools.

· Children were often out of sight less than 5 minutes and under the care of one or both parents at the time of many home pool drownings.

Here are some great links to check out for some tips on keeping your children safe this summer!

· Home Pool Safety Tips

· Swimming in Lakes, Rivers and Streams Safety Tips

· Water Safety in the Home Tips

There are many ways to get involved with your community on National Learn to Swim Day.

Some good ideas for tomorrow would be to introduce your children to the water with at home swim instruction, host a group swimming lesson, visit a community pool as a family, or enrolling children in swim lessons at a local YMCA or Boys & Girls Club.

Take advantage of this special day!!

For more information on National Learn to Swim Day and SwimWays, please check out



  1. MommaMary says:

    I grew up on a farm so never learned to swim. Ponds were forbidden as they were dug cone shaped, sides went straight down. I made sure my kids all learned to swim.

  2. It’s so important for little ones to learn to swim, you never know when they might end up in a pool or lake!

  3. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    We all swim and can’t imagine not knowing how.

  4. That is great! I am glad to see that they offer a program like this. Most people live near or have access to water and I think it’s important.

  5. R Hicks says:

    this is SO important for kids to learn. They carry this vital skill the rest of their lives!

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  6. Sarah L says:

    My mother taught my sister and me to swim almost before we could walk. I’m 63 and swim 3 times a week. Teach your children well.

  7. Sandy VanHoey says:

    I’ve always worried about this with kids around water and drowning. I’ve even been talking to my daughter about getting my grandson enrolled in classes to lear how to swim. Thanks for all the great tips!

  8. Denise C says:

    It’s scary to think how quickly something fun can turn dangerous if you aren’t careful. It’s so important to stay alert and take proper safety precautions. Thank you for sharing this!

  9. courtney b says:

    wow i better teach my baby how to swim today!:)

  10. William Cooke says:

    Everyone should be out swimming pools, river, streams, lakes and of course the oceans

  11. I wasn’t taught to swim and found myself with a friend at a pond where everyone was swimming and pushing others in. Thank God I had the sense to leave, as like another stated ponds are dug down and deep. What if I were in fun pushed in? My children except my disabled son know how to swim.. I have tried with my oldest but his fear is way to strong. Thankfully he is with me or part of the family at all times. I still wish he would learn though.
    Gladys P

  12. I hate to comment again but I have commented on everything else that isn’t a giveaway. LOL! I too didn’t get the oppertunity to learn at a young age. I was in my teens by the time it was offered in our school. I was way too scared and couldn’t relax. I graduated the Red Cross Swimming Program a non swimmer. The fear was greater than the will to learn to trust. It is hard when you see others out swimming and having fun. I had someone try to take me out in to the deep waters. It thankfully ended quickly. I was never put into that situation again. It is extremely important to learn while they are young.

  13. Kimberly says:

    I took swimming lessons as a kid but I was never very good at it. I hope my daughter does better. I plan on signing up for mommy & me classes as soon as she is old enough.

  14. I think learning to swim should be something you HAVE to do, as important than learning to drive (in my opinion). I had a friend who drowned shortly after high school. He never learned to swim and even had a pond at his house. My mom was so afraid of the water she never learned…UNTIL she was into her 40’s and actually took a class with a bunch of little kids. It took a lot of guts but she did it. She was afraid of even dunking her head…ever. Can you imagine being scared like that for over 40 years? What a great day to help encourage people to take the plunge!!

  15. Michelle S says:

    This is a great thing for everyone to learn how to do, and people don’t really know how valuable of a lesson it is until you need it.

  16. Sarah L says:

    I swim 3 times a week (though not on Saturdays -so I’ll miss that day).
    All people and kids should learn to swim so they won’t panic at the thought of falling into water. Swimming is such good exercise.

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