My Valentine’s Gifts: And Our Crazy Nicknames

January 31, 2012

I’ve already mentioned about how I feel about Valentine’s Day, and my favorite valentine’s day (Sometimes Simple is Best!) …. However, Being that I’m a product blogger – I should probably blog about some of the products that I am ordering for Valentine’s Day.

I had the opportunity to work with Red Envelope again.  This time, rather than me just telling them what I wanted – I was given a gift card and personally went through their site just like a regular customer would to pick out my item and purchase it.

I was having the hardest time deciding between a sentimental Valentine’s Day gift; something nice for the boys; or… something sweet and delicious for all of us to share.

Then I saw these super adorable sets of engraved nickname coffee cups and snack bowls– and thought about how nice that would be as a gift for myself and my husband.  image

You see – We have funny nicknames for each other – but they’re pretty permanent.

I call my husband Mokey.  His name is Joseph.

I’m not quite sure how it all started, but when I met my husband I was introduced to him as ‘Joe’.  Well. I was *Way* too cute for “Joe”… so I cute-d him up a bit, by calling him Joey.  Soon enough it evolved into Moey-Joey. That didn’t stick long.  I would be chasing him around our apartment our first year of marriage having tickle wars with him – and taunting him with the names, ‘Mo-Jo-Jo-Joe’ and ‘Mokey-Jokey’. It was all so sweet as I remember it. Then We really landed and stayed on ‘Mokey’. I’d call him ‘Mokey-Love’, ‘Moke-Moke’, and just plain old ‘Moke’.  Somehow that got shortened to Moe.  …. Just Your Average “Moe’.

I call him Moe almost as much if not more than I call him Joe.

And my nickname is SnoochieBumpkin.  Apparently once upon a time there was a song of some sort that made him come up with the nickname…. So most of the letters written to me, start with, ‘My precious Snootchie’, or ‘Snoochiebumpkins’.  He almost never calls me this in person though: so it’s hardly a nickname… more a term of endearment.

Nickname Mug

Of course My Snoochiebumpkin Mug is in my husbands car… I’ll update photo later?

I was really excited to see the cups (and even more-so to eat the berries that I ordered to go along with them!!!)

I’ve also ordered personalized stoneware items from RedEnvelope before –  and every experience has been stellar!!

What special things are you ordering for your loved ones for Valentine’s Day?


  1. very cute! Love the nicknames.

  2. Those turtle nightlights are adorable! I think my grandson would enjoy having one of those in his bedroom, too!

  3. Gladys Parker says:

    I love the turtle. I could never see myself paying that much for personalized mugs but I do understand how some can. Also that much to eat a few berries no thanks. To each their own I am just more simple and have always had to be. I would have searched til I found something worth or close to, the amount. Obviously your choice was worth that to you 🙂 I hope you had fun picking them out!
    Gladys P

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