My New Relationship with Blackberry Z10

July 11, 2013

Hey Grinning Cheek To Cheek Readers, it’s me Kelly from Muddy Flowers and now we run Beyond The Tent, too. Once again I am going to be reviewing a new cell phone from Verizon for Amy. I was super excited to find out which phone she was bringing home from her trip when she went to the Verizon conference in Chicago. My family and I were taking guesses to which one it would be and my husband was right! It is the new Blackberry Z10.


This is me at a Buffalo Wild Wings event with Amy.

We had to eat wings and try the new beer called The Game Changer.

Yes, being a blogger is hard work! 🙂


I have never owned a Blackberry before. As far I knew Blackberry was the official phone of the white collar business world. I also considered the Blackberry to be a thing of the past. I think for that reason the Blackberry crew have asked us bloggers to help turn similar feelings of those using other phones into NEW BLACKBERRY BELIEVERS! I want to make it clear that I also have never owned an iphone, so as a Droid user I am going to switch it up for awhile and let you all know my own personal experience with the Blackberry Z10 cell phone.


It’s been about a week now and so far I love the camera features! I am wishing there would be more useable apps. I have been told the apps are coming soon. I am trying to figure out how to use some of my favorite Droid features on the Blackberry. It has been easy to understand how to run my gmail, Facebook, Twitter and other accounts all in one place called the Hub. In fact it is one of my favorite parts about the phone so far.


I am not here to sell you the Blackberry Z10, but to give you my honest option in hopes it sells itself! At this early stage I would give the phone an 8 out of 10. I think it will move up, but it is still early and I still have a lot to learn in terms of how it works.

 Let me know what kind of phone you are using, I would

love to see how many of you are team Blackberry!!

Later, Kelly


  1. Robin Wilson says:

    I have never owned or used a Blackberry either. I remember many years ago when they first came out and all the partners at the office where I worked were paying big bucks for the latest thing in phones! It was just a dream for someone like me to own. So glad they are still around and available to me!

  2. Paulette Sheppard says:

    The problem BlackBerry had is that its smartphones weren’t really ‘smartphones’ in the modern sense. They were sort of ultra-feature-phones. In the pre-iPhone days, they did things most other cell phones could only dream of – like push email, and powerful instant messaging. With their universally-lauded QWERTY keyboard form factor, Blackberries were the choice of professionals, textaholics, and the social elite. Then the iPhone happened, and everything changed, albeit a little slowly at first. Android burst onto the scene a few years later, when the original DROID slider keyboard phones took a sizable chunk out of BlackBerry’s previously strong showing amongst Verizon subscribers.

  3. latanya says:

    Camera features are so important to me on the phone because I mainly use the phone to take pictures of my son when we are out and about. This phone has some pretty cool features.

  4. BBM is my favorite feature. And I loved meeting all the Frugal Bloggers at our training in Chi-town.

  5. Sarah C says:

    When I had a blackberry I really hated not having the selection of apps that the other phone users had.

  6. What I have found to be the case is whatever phone you use currently, you tend to stick with because you understand how it works. If I could get my hands on an iphone and galaxy I feel like I could give you a true overall review of the phones. Which one is the best for different lifestyles kind of review. So far, I don’t like the windows after having it for a couple of months. It drives me nuts! I love Google and Windows does not. The Blackberry is awesome!

  7. I love my BlackBerry Q10! I hope more people will give BlackBerry a (perhaps second?) chance. The newest phones are really snappy, efficient, and fun.

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