My Life on Nutrisystem–Week 4 #NSNation

April 9, 2012

This week was terrible.  No, Really.  Terrible. Like… Nutrisystem #Fail.

First off, Let me just explain myself.  I still hadn’t gotten my new shipment until mid-week, and I was bloated, and heavy, and feeling like I needed salty/crunchy and … well… It wasn’t good.

Anyway – I was out of Vanilla Shakes, and can’t handle the sweetness in the chocolate shakes (I know a lot of people LOVE the chocolate, but I even add milk to regular chocolate milk because it’s too much for me… ).  I also was out of my favorite Omelet breakfasts, so my breakfasts were non-existent each day, and it only got worse from there.

Lets just write this week off, OK?

You all should read my previous weeks to see how it should be going.  Those are more encouraging.

It’s really not good though either, because I have a BIG goal to meet in the next 3 weeks, being that I’ll be wearing a bathing suit in Florida for Brandcation – and I’m thinking I’m not even going to come close.

Hopefully the photographer joining us has REALLY good Photoshop skills to make me look 80lbs less? Winking smile

I’m afraid to step on the scale, for real.  I’ll update next week, after a week of doing better…

Today is a NEW Day, and I’ll be back on board – Double Time.

One month Gym Vacation is OVER.


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I received the Nutrisystem plan free of charge in exchange for my reviews and experience with Nutrisystem.  My opinion is 100% my own.


  1. Betty Baez says:

    Lol…. You can do this! Just think sexy arms for summer lol that’s what I said to myself when I worked out before my Florida vacation

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