My Life on Nutrisystem – Week 3 #NSNation

April 8, 2012

Still a bit behind for talking to you all about my Nutrisystem goals and achievements!! I had fully intended last week to do some major catch-up on posts that I am behind on, but ended up that my husband had some time off of work and got sidetracked with that!

Good thing I’ve been writing things down!

So. Week 3 was probably the easiest week that I had thus far.  I’ve gotten into the groove of what I like the most: I was prepared grocery wise, and energized by my most recent weight-loss.


However, the week ended poorly, when I started to run out of my favorite meal items – and had ordered new meal items that I was hoping to get before I had to eat the choice of foods that didn’t look or sound quite as yummy to me (and I was pre-menstrual…) so I ended up cheating toward the end of the week – and again, lost it for the weekend.

I still am blaming my husband for the fact that I can’t stay on the diet when he’s home! Winking smile 

I also found myself craving salads last week, which is great – except that we were out-and-about a lot last week (getting house projects done) and the fast-food chains quit selling salads without bacon in them Winking smile and I LOVE Bacon… 

Anyway, another 1.5lbs down this week – but still not noticing the difference in my clothes. My husband says he might see it in my face more…

That’s a total of 6.5lbs overall since I started 3 weeks ago – and fairly effortlessly.  I haven’t been back to the gym for almost a month. (YiKeS!)

I know my scale is accurate – BUT – My weight varies from day to day and even hour to hour… Some days I wake up and weigh myself and then again after my shower (with wet hair and all) I weigh a few lbs. less. 

Maybe I’m just REALLY dirty??


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I received the Nutrisystem plan free of charge in exchange for my reviews and experience with Nutrisystem.  My opinion is 100% my own.


  1. Thanks for sharing the updates. You sound disappointed that you cheated but you still lost 1.5… you should be proud. Is the picture one of the shakes you get to drink? It looks yummy

  2. Thanks for sharing your updates.

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