My Grandma Texts!!

March 13, 2013

So my grandparents live in Arizona. They used to come back to Minnesota over the summers, but they’ve decided that it’s become too much work for the time being with my grandpa’s health deteriorating. 


They don’t have the internet at home… so Aside from sending them actual pictures through snail mail – they have no way to keep up with my kids and how much they’re growing!

Until a few months ago… my cousin with a new baby found a solution!  She was texting grandma pictures on her cell phone (which grandma has used for some time now to keep long distance calls free and the same phone number when she’s in MN!)


Grandma said… ‘I’m not sure what she does – but the pictures just show up on my phone! Almost every day!’.  I made sure that she wasn’t getting charged extra for the texting photo features – and started sending them. 
She never replied, but will call every now and again and we’ll chat, and she’ll thank me for the pictures I’ve sent. (Although I’ve been slacking lately)

Well, Yesterday I found out that I was officially hired at a Dental Office for a permanent position (something that I’ve been working at and that she’s been praying about for quite some time!) but because I was so busy and excited and whatnot yesterday, I decided to text her with words – because at least I know she knows how to see the texts, even if she can’t reply..

But this morning I got a text back from her!IMG_4005

Well – she got the first part down Smile  Got to love technology!

Do your grandparents do technology?


  1. Matt Stringham says:

    This is too funny! My Grandma just started to text and she has had a few of these! Oh old people and technology. I love it!

  2. No grandparents anymore (haven’t had any in at least 50 years). At age 65 I do know HOW to text, but most of my friends just call on the phone. Glad yours is getting the hang of it.

  3. My parents are much older so they are the ones that would be doing this, but NO they are technologically challenged.

  4. Oh that’s sweet! My only grandparent that I have doesn’t do texts so not much technology is used by her. I’m glad that your grandparents can get messages and pictures at the very least! It’s great to know how to connect when it’s as easy as it is these days! Good job on landing the job!

  5. Jessie C. says:

    This is so sweet, I wish my grandma can text as well.

  6. Donna George says:

    QPDUNK!! Laughing at that. That’s pretty much how I text.

  7. Janet W. says:

    That is great! I’m in my early 60’s and technically a Grandma and I text, but I don’t feel old. Now, my son in law’s grandmother is in her late 80’s and texts. Now I think that’s impressive!

  8. Sherri Lewis says:

    Love it! My parents don’t even text…. much less my grandma. My mom can’t even quite figure out email 🙂

  9. Robin Wilson says:

    I’ve got news for you..I don’t text. It’s not that I don’t know how. I do, but I prefer to speak to someone whenever I can. Plus, I don’t have a smartphone yet (I know it’s time for me to get with ti) so texting costs me every single time. My dad texts and I think it is wonderful for grandparents to be able to text the kids!

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