My Favorite Summer Dessert: Raspberry Shakes #DairyMom

July 8, 2013

Summer time brings great joy to my taste buds. I love fruit, and I absolutely adore Raspberries. I wish I could tell you that I have a gigantic lavish bush of fresh raspberries to pick in my back yard by my huge garden area – but I don’t.  My husband won’t let me put one in back there, because it’s too close to the neighbors yard and raspberry bushes tend to get a little out of ‘line’.

So I do the next best thing:  Organic Raspberries at Costco! A giant container of raspberries at Costco is under $5 and we eat through about 3 containers a week during the summer.

I personally love to mix my raspberries with my other love: Ice Cream.

Raspberry Shake

Just plain-‘ol New York Vanilla Ice Cream. Straight mixed with raspberries. I break them up with my spoon. Something about the sugar in the ice cream that mixes so beautifully with the raspberries – and just makes my day.

Raspberry Shake 1

Sometimes I like to eat this for breakfast, and when my husband looks at me weird, I just tell him that the Ice Cream has protein and the raspberries are fresh, organic fruit! *nah nah nah nah nah nah!*


Raspberry Shake 2

What are some of your favorite mix-in’s to Ice Cream?


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  1. You nailed it! Raspberries and ice cream, the perfect combination! Raspberries and yogurt, another perfect combination!

  2. Karen Glatt says:

    I love Raspberries in my milkshakes and so many other items. I like to add Cookies to my ice cream and I like to make Strawberry Shakes in the summer!

  3. Sarah C. says:

    Ice cream for breakfast is an idea that I can support!

  4. Robin Wilson says:

    I just love ice cream any time of the year! But during the summer I do find it best with the fresh fruit that is in season. The raspberry shake you have here looks wonderful. But I love to mix peanut butter and chocolate and sometimes bananas!

  5. Richard Hicks says:

    Have had all kinds of shakes but not a raspberry shake. Got to try this one!

  6. shelly peterson says:

    I love all kinds of shakes and different toppings on ice cream. Ice cream is one of my favorite desserts. I have not tried raspberries with ice cream but it looks delicious. I say it would make a great breakfast 🙂

  7. Robin Wilson says:

    That looks delicious! I’m thinking that it could be made even thicker and served in small parfait glasses as a dessert. Maybe with some crushed graham crackers on the bottom of the glass.

  8. Nicole Dz says:

    I love that you used fresh raspberries! This is a awesome treat to cool down with or just to enjoy if you have a bit of a sweet tooth. Looks so good!

  9. This looks so yummy! I can’t wait for summer!

  10. This sounds so great and delicious for summer time! For the summer we mix in an espresso shot with chocolate ice cream, so good!

  11. James Robert says:

    I have done this but mix it up with the spoon adding strawberries and a touch of milk. Good milk shake!

  12. Brenda Haines says:

    Now I need to pick up some raspberries! Yum! 🙂

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