My Boys got MoVeS!

June 7, 2012

You know how at weddings, the kids are always the first on stage to dance their little hearts out?  My boys were NO exception.

It seems that Andrew and Ethan have both been dancing to music in their heads since they were old enough to stand!  So it was really fun to watch them bust-a-move on the dance floor.

You’ll notice Andrew in the Grey athletic pants and grey t-shirt at the corner of the stage.  He’s a hip-kinda-dancer!image

Not Quite sure where he got the idea to learn how to break-dance… but I think he’s getting the hang of it…!  He’s been practicing a little at home too – He’s determined to get it right!

Yep – that’s Ethan in the foreground.  He’s dancing also – He’s always dancing when there’s music.  I could sing Twinkle-Twinkle and he’d dance!

Andrew had his little heart set on dancing with the bride (his Auntie) – so I gave him some money for the Dollar dance.  He liked that Smile

So Cute, huh?

Do your kids dance??


  1. Tiffany says:

    I’m doing my best to teach my little guy (in the womb) how to move and appreciate good dance music, if that’s possible!! Mostly because I’m tired of not having anyone to dance with at weddings etc! Also I want my boy to be confident and live life to the fullest, no matter what ppl think – good for you and your boys! Juniors favorite so far is Party Rock Anthem (says me) – haha!

  2. Like I say with granddaughter, the more things they try, like, learn or not all form who they are. She’s not sure she’s thrilled with dance but loves T ball, playing in the dirt an mud, drawing, reading it all helps them decide what they like and don’t and forms self confidence, self awareness etc So keep letting them practice their dance moves and anything else (safe etc)
    Gladys P

  3. Alyssa Zediker says:

    Hey sis I hope my kids will have moves like yours.(did u see Craig out there…)Thanks for the super cute pic of me and andrew. Thanks for coming! Love you guys

    • Aww Hi Alyssa!! 🙂 The picture is all compliments of David – but I’m so happy, because I totally missed seeing him dance with you 🙁

      Yeah, serious – you AND Craig have some awesome moves… I’m sure your kids will inherit them!

  4. They are just too cute. they grow up so fast. Make sure to take lots of videos and pictures. You will really want them later. My kids like to compare their baby pictures and videos to their children. It is really cute to see how much they remind you of your children when they were little.

  5. We LOVE family weddings and the dance is the best part! Really, those weddings are how the cousins have really gotten to know each other more and have fun together. Now some of them are getting married themselves and the next generation is forming. They are already out on the dance floor! My mom has 24 grandkids and 13 greats, so that’s a WHOLE lot of shake, rattle, and roll! They break out the breakdances too. So funny! No weddings this year so am bummed, but our daughter is getting married in 2014 and already looking forward to that dance!
    What adorable pictures! Isn’t it a nice way to tire out the kids too? LOTS of exercise!

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