My Baby is growing….

July 18, 2011

My baby Ethan is getting to be so big!!  I almost can’t believe it every day what stages he is so quickly passing through!  He’s 8 months now (I have no idea how many weeks, I can barely keep track of the months!) and he is SO ready to crawl.  DSC08758

He wants to crawl SO badly. But he also is very interested in standing.  But for now, he just rolls around the room.

DSC08675   DSC08676

When he lays on his back, he grabs his toes.  DSC08498_thumb[1]It seems as if he’s always curled up into a ball.  He has enjoyed being curled up into a little ball since he was born – and for that I’ve called him my little hedgehog – or porcupine…

Because of this ‘flexibility’ he has, I’m thinking is one of the major reasons he can’t quite get onto all fours for crawling.  Every time he gets his knees under his belly, they just bow out to the sides… so he’s just Too flexible.

DSC08790He is also a very grabby kid.  I swear, the kid grabs at everything! I can’t set him anywhere where there is stuff around him. He just constantly tugs.  He grabs my hair with a death grip when he’s near me, it’s a wonder I have any hair left!  I have to keep my hair in a tight pony tail around him!

  DSC08623  DSC08838DSC08672

He is also our little talker.  He babbles and babbles all day long!

He says (but I’m thinking he doesn’t know the meaning of…)

    • Ma.. ma… ma…
    • Da.. da.. da.. da.. da.. da.. da… all day long, it’s Da.. da. da..
    • Up.up.up.up – which then turns into bub bub bub.
    • It sounds like he says ‘Hi!’ when he first sees my face – that’s maybe what he might kind of realize, that you say Hi as you see someone! I remember Andrew doing the same thing.

DSC08431He loves to shake his head no, and wiggle and dance.  Any time there is music, he dances – Regardless of what kind of music it is.  He’s definitely got rhythm. DSC08429Andrew is So nice to his little brother, and Ethan loves his big brother and looks up to him so much already.  Andrew I’m sure cant wait to have a play-friend, and meanwhile helps his little brother to eat and sit up.  He’s also learning the good lesson of distraction.  When Ethan grabs a toy that Andrew wants, Andrew just gives him a different toy – and then snatches the toy he wants.  I’m not sure if that’s good, or bad yet… but we shall see!

      Ethan has two teeth in already on the lower, and it seems that he is constantly teething, but those top ones just never seem to come out.


      It seems as if he *HATES* baby food.  Ok.  Hate is a pretty strong word.  He Prefers regular food to baby food, and never has seemed to get the hang of the texture of baby foods.  But as soon as he learned to chomp with those gums – he was right there with us eating bites of our lunches and dinners!  Sometimes I’ll just use the food chopper and mince everything and spoon feed him, others I’ll give him little chunks of foods.  He also has very good hand-eye coordination and can get even the smaller foods from his hands to his mouth!
      He has had a few haircuts already – and is due for another.  What can I say – Our children were just blessed with crazy amounts of hair.


      We love him so dearly, and want to be able to look back and see what he was doing around this time (Because Heaven knows, that I haven’t touched his baby book since he was 2 months old…. Poor kid.

Sad smile



  1. Oh, he’s so cute! Our little girl is a month away from being a year old and I just want to cry, and should probably update her baby book, as well 🙁

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