My Babies Clothes Don’t fit as well in #ClothDiapers! :(

August 22, 2011

This is something that I’m learning to live with.

My little boys used to have perfect fitting clothing.

Ethan wore size 9mos or a shrunken 12mos.

DSC08914  DSC08916

Andrew wore a 2T – although he was slowly getting too big for them…

Cloth has given my boys bubble butts.  Fluffy Butts.. Whatever you want to call them.

DSC08919  DSC08920

I have to pick Ethans outfit based on which diaper they’re going to wear.  If Ethan’s sized diapers are out of the wash, I can put Ethan in something that fits normal everywhere.  Otherwise I have to find something that’s a bit baggy – or a romper of some sort.

I am thankful that I had already purchased the size 3T pants for Andrew last spring when they were on clearance – and all of his summer clothes were purchased in 3T shorts with the adjusting elastic buttons – so I was able to just loosen those up a bit.  (I did that just in case if he hit a huge growth spurt right after I bought them – which didn’t happen.)

So, his shorts used to be baggy, now they fit just right.

But his pants.


Lets just hope summer lasts a LONG time here in Minnesota, because he’s got about 2 inches to grow before his 3T pant legs don’t have to be rolled…


  1. This is definitely a small drawback of cloth, but I’ve learned what brands of clothes fit best on Sophia. Although, I do put alot of dresses on her for that reason… which I’m guessing isn’t as easy on little boys! 😉

  2. Yeah, I have noticed that I have to size up clothes I buy for my daughter – she is 4 months old, fits 0-3 month clothes when in sposies, but 3-6 month in cloth. Well, pants anyway.

  3. Yeah, like everyone else, I’ve noticed this too. For your little one, at least, if you put a onsie on under the pants you don’t notice the gap, but I don’t have any tips for your bigger son, as I haven’t been there yet!

  4. Yep.
    My son is so short legged and long waisted that the fluffy butt actually works in his favor.

  5. So with you on this one! I cloth diaper my 3.5 month old about half of the time, and I definitely have to pick clothes for her based on whether it’s a CD day or not! 🙂

  6. I’m the opposite of you ladies. I have been cloth diapering exclusively since my son was a month old. He’s almost a year now. My husband, son and I went for a little trip and spent a couple nights at a hotel this summer. I used disposables for those couple days. I hated it! I am so used to and in love with my son’s fluffy butt that it seemed sooo strange to see his bum in a disposable. His pants slid right off and whenever I held him in my arms his bum felt right boney! Plus whenever he fell on his bum (he is just learning to walk) I cringed because I imagined that it must hurt a lot more than in a cloth diaper.

    Kristen from

  7. On the plus side, my 3 year old, now potty trained, is wearing the same shorts as last summer. 🙂

  8. Hannah Avery says:

    Yeah, I think most clothes are made with disposable diapers in mind! I have noticed that some tend to be bigger than others too! I think jeans tend to be maybe the hardest to do with cloth diapers!


  9. Just found your blog. I love it so far. Off to read more. I have noticed that as well that you have to size up 🙂 but the fluffy bum is totally worth it

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