Moving in With #U-Boxes!

November 2, 2013

Our Rental House

We have a house! It’s actually really exciting! After living in a motorhome and spending most of our time at the church, it’s really nice to have our own space and be able to unpack all our stuff! It’s like Christmas for the first few boxes…. and then it’s more like “oh my goodness, where are we going to put all this?!? Is this the last box yet?!?”

U-Haul ready

U-Haul made the Move Easier

We still have tubs or things to unpack sitting around, along with tons of empty ones, and it’s already been over a week! The easiest part of the whole thing: getting all the boxes here! U-Haul was awesome and we are really glad we went with U-Boxes! U-Haul is providing me with compensation for telling you all about our experience, and opinions are 100% my own.

U-Haul Kitchen After

We Unloaded Our U-Boxes!

It actually went really smoothly! We paid for our U-Boxes to ship on September 27th and told them it was OK if they didn’t ship right away, as we didn’t have a house yet. They shipped on the 4th and on October 14th we got a call that they had arrived, and the man wanted to know if we needed to reserve a trailer right away to bring them home. We didn’t yet have a house then, so he said it would be no problem to keep them in storage until we were ready for them. Yay!

U-Box JanThen we found our rental house! So, Peter called and reserved a trailer to bring our things home. We ended up signing our rental agreement and picking up the trailers on Tuesday the 23rd with no problem at all! The U-Haul place has a two-box trailer so we were able to unload two U-Boxes at once! Fantastic! We just needed a1-ton truck, so we ended up renting a U-Haul truck too. And we had lots of help to make quick work of it all. Seriously, we have a lot of stuff!

U-Box Double Trailer

Our Stuff is Home!

Overall, everything is intact! Things shifted a little in the U-Boxes, but not horribly. We were careful opening the doors, and some things had scratches because we didn’t wrap them well in the provided U-Haul blankets, but nothing was broken!

We did, apparently, have mice. A few cloth storage boxes had chewed on edges, a few things of food were eaten into, and there were little mouse poops in a lot of places. Gross. But I should have expected it, after all I put food in outside, uncontrolled storage.

U-Box Mice

Overall, the whole moving experience has been stressful, and unpacking definitely was very overwhelming some days. I almost broke down into tears twice from just seeing how much there was to do, made more time consuming by having a baby needing my attention. Moving is hard. But the U-Haul part, that was easy. U-Haul made it as non-stressful as possible at pick-up and it could not have gone better.

U-Boxes filled his room


  1. ellen beck says:

    Good deal and happy you are in your own place now! I have never seen the wooden boxes they have nor did I know they did storage. We have lived here 25 years and would love to move maybe I will find out about them.

  2. courtney b says:

    great idea! they should have came up with this a long time ago… the room looks very nice.

  3. How exciting! I love moving in somewhere fresh, clean and new to me. It sounds like you have a lot to sort through and find places for. That’s what I think is actually fun. I hope it continues to go smoothly and that you are happy in your new home.


  4. Mice! Yuck! But overall it sounds like everything went smoothly!

  5. We used U Haul to move in August, we did it our selves & were extremely happy. No surprise costs at all. Highly recommend.

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