Minneapolis LEGO Kid’s Fest

May 20, 2011

DSC08224Just went to the Minneapolis LEGO Kid’s Fest tonight with my husband, my son and my nephew!  We had a great time! They have several areas set up for all ages and stages – and lots of fun activities!  Even if lego building isn’t really your thing; just looking at all the fun creations; and seeing everyone else’s inspiring creations: you will want to start playing. Almost everywhere you look are buckets and areas of legos to build with.

DSC08240The first thing we really did was build some cool race cars and race DSC08238them down the ramps.  After a while of that; we went and played in a huge pile of legos.  When we got to the Kid’s Fest – the pile of legos was tall and pretty well confined.  I love how the kids just walk right on top of DSC08231the legos – and then PLOP down on top and zone out into Lego Mania.  If you don’t have younger kids that are going to wander off – I suggest bringing a book or ipod – they will spend a ton of time here. Smile

DSC08255We then went over and did some relay races, andDSC08251 buzz lightyear games for prizes, and then moved over to the Duplo area.  They have a huge area for younger children for building things. In this gigantic crate of Duplos are pieces to several awesome Duplo sets.  We ended up finding the Thomas pieces, half of the Percy, and most of James.  There are also farm animals, zoo animals, barns, houses, trailers, trucks, and much more!

Near the sDSC08260cience museum tables: they have these cool lego sets up that do pretty neat things.  This is Andrew’s Dream toy. He played with it for almost 30 minutes – and screamed when we took him away from it.  I did go look to see if they had it for sale; but they didn’t have it there.  We’ll be looking for that for Christmas/Birthday I’m sure.

They had some set up stations for the older kids as well; to work with the kits that require a little more focused attention – we didn’t go into these stations, but it looked like others were having a pretty good time – considering most were pretty zoned out. They also had the lego computer games out for kids to play, but we tried to steer pretty clear of those in fear of getting trapped into the computer zone.


One of my favorite spots was the Creation Nation.  (Which of course I didn’t get a picture of… *kicking self*.  They had a US map taped out on the floor and then stations where you can build anything you’d like on a green tile– whether it’s your house; or the White House; the Tallest building; or whatever monument or item you’d like to build and then have it added to the location of your desire.  At the end of the show they will post a picture of the map online to see what it looks like.  Here is a photo that I found onlne of an older Creation Nation from a past Lego Kids Fest. 20101030_0289

I started making Niagara falls. I got through some of it; but then had to go chase my 2 year old, and never came back Sad smile

We stayed until about 8:30 or so; and then got some ice cream and headed home! It was a great night of great fun Smile

So if you’re in the Minneapolis Area this weekend – don’t forget to head over to the Minneapolis Convention Center for a few hours at the Lego Kid’s Fest.  These are the remaining times available.  Tickets can be purchased at the box office or online.

Saturday, May 21st 2011
Session I: 9 am – 2 pm
Session II: 3 pm – 8 pm

Sunday, May 22nd 2011
Session I: 9 am – 2 pm
Session II: 3 pm – 8 pm

If you’re not in the Minneapolis area: Check out www.legokidsfest.com for more information on their next stops for the 2011 Lego Kid’s Fest Tour – and see if they’ll be near you soon!Amy K2 Post Disclosure 1


  1. Lego racecars? Didn’t have that when I was a kid! Does that mean there are Duplo racecars too. By the way, I came here because you tweeted that your new design was “cute” – and it is 🙂 God bless and keep you and each and every one of yours Amy.

    PS and watch out for the Legos on the floors – they always seem to seek out and find bare feet 🙂

    PPS just in case you don’t know my face yet – I just recently followed you on twitter and you were kind enough to follow back – just so you know 🙂

    • Aww thanks for the really nice comment Craig! I think there are Duplo Race cars – actually they have the whole ‘Cars’ theme for duplo. my son would go crazy!

      About the lego’s on the floors – its a funny story really – they had Bissel at this convention, demonstrating their ‘perfect sweep’ sweeper vacuum as one that picks up legos, while keeping them in a smaller container that doesn’t get filled with the deeper dirt and dust that a regular vacuum picks up. My son AND my nephew were playing with the sweeper so much that they decided to ship us each (my nephew and I) a sweeper to have at home – for FREE. Crazy awesome, I know. But Yeah – at least we’ll have that for when we get into the smaller lego’s!

      I also honestly, don’t pay enough attention to twitter – so sorry in advance if I miss any of your tweets!! But I’ll keep an eye out! Thanks for checking my site out! I’m heading over to your blog!

  2. Judi Friedman says:


    We have some great pictures of your nephew cleaning the LEGO bricks at LEGO KidsFest. Let me know how to get it to you.

    Enjoyed meeting you and love your blog!


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