May is National Bike Safety Month

May 28, 2012

I know May is almost over – but it’s never the wrong time to talk about bike safety!! Open-mouthed smile

Chuggington has been running a campaign for some time now: The ‘Think Safe, Ride Safe, Be Safe!’ campaign aims to provide safety and transportation guidance to children and families across the nation.

Chuggington NHTSA final logo

So with things heating up outside – more and more people are taking to the streets – Chuggington is working hard promoting and teaching safety techniques to help prevent injuries while riding bikes. image

It is important for any trainee to know the importance of safety so they can ride the rails like their favorite Chuggers!

Here are some great tips!:

  • Always wear your Helmet! 
  • Make sure the strap is buckled under the chin.
  • Ride only with an adult!
  • Don’t Ride in the Street!

For more bicycle safety tips from the ‘Think Safe, Ride Safe, Be Safe!’ Campaign – visit


  1. I love, love this post. At 13 I was hit by a car while riding a bicycle. We
    lived on a rural route so the speed limit was high. I spent 6 weeks in the hospital, went home in a half body cast. I had nightmares for years and couldn’t cross a busy street for a long time. Allowing my children to have bikes was one of the hardest things ever. I think bicycle safety should be taught a lot more than it is. Thank You!
    Gladys P

  2. Thank you for sharing this information. We can never be too careful. Oh and it is never too late to post something of great importance like this. =)

  3. MommaMary says:

    It is also important to make them understand that drivers backing out of driveways can have a hard time seeing them on their bikes and it is also the child’s responsibility to watch for cars.

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