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April 26, 2013

Todays discussion is brought to you by Firefly Toothbrushes and ToothFoam.

Firefly Package

Being a Dental Hygienist – I definitely understand the importance of my kids brushing their teeth… and trust me –they have NOT always enjoyed it. Andrew (my 4 year old) was the hardest; he literally would fight the entire time we brushed his teeth: kicking, screaming – the whole nine yards.  Ethan (my 2 year old) has loved brushing his teeth since the beginning – he often reminds me that his teeth need to be brushed.

My job as a dental hygienist with children is to teach them how to brush their teeth – effectively. In that training – I not only show them how to hold the toothbrush, which ways to move the toothbrush – but I also emphasize how much TIME they should be brushing their teeth!

Do you know how much time you’re supposed to spend on your teeth each time you brush?

2 Minutes!  That’s a Long time for children.

Usually at a dental office, your child will get a sand-timer.  Well.  How boring is that?  Why not have a timer, that makes it fun to watch yourself brush your teeth in the mirror (and otherwise, pay attention to where that toothbrush is going!) – like Firefly toothbrushes?  They blink for 1 minute!  (So you can do the top teeth for a minute, and the bottom teeth for a minute).

ready go brush

They’ve come out with a new version of their toothbrush – The Ready Go Brush™! The Ready Go Brush™ has a ‘stoplight’ like timer, which blinks green when you’re supposed to be brushing – changes to orange about halfway through to indicate that they’re almost done, and then red when it’s time to stop – and start again (to get your two minutes!).

FireFly Ready Go Toothbrush

My boys were so excited about their new toothbrushes – especially Andrew!  He could hardly wait until it was time to brush his teeth – so we did it right away.

Discovering Firefly

Later that day, Andrew’s Uncle Jonathon came over to bring our new baby niece – and the first thing that Andrew blurted out to Jonathon was, “Uncle Jonathon! We got new TOOTHBRUSHES!!” He couldn’t wait to show them off, and how they blinked until the time was up.

Typically I don’t let my boys brush their own teeth (because they don’t have the coordination or entire know-how just yet… more on that later..) but for the sake of excitement, I let him brush for a minute – and then I took over for the second minute.

Firefly toothbrush

The other really cool thing with Firefly – is their new line of ToothFoam.  It’s just as it sounds – foam toothpaste.  Now, at first I was thinking that it was going to be a disaster having foam for my boys… I can hardly keep Ethan away from my pump-foam hand soap… so I was worried about him eating all the ToothFoam.

Foam Toothpaste

But – because the ToothFoam is a little harder to push, I don’t worry about it –one bit.  My 4 year old can push the button down to give him a pea sized amount of foam – and a ‘regular dose’ is 2 pumps in the mouth.  So – I’m sure that my 2 year old is safe (Although I still keep it on the top shelf in our bathroom – because that’s where it’s MOST safe!). It is recommended to keep out of reach of children under age 6.

It was a little strange for my son to pump soap into his mouth – and he doesn’t like surprises in his mouth – so mostly we pump it onto the toothbrush directly a few times during the brushing.

Clean Teeth

Overall – my boys still love their new Ready Go Brush™, and I see them being a great value to our home, and recommend them for your kids, too! So if you want to change the way your kids brush with Firefly’s new products  – ToothFoam and Ready Go Brush™.

The Ready Go Brush™ and ToothFoam can be purchased on

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To learn more about Firefly Toothbrushes and ToothFoam – check them out on Facebook, or visit them on the web at


This post has been sponsored by Firefly in conjuction with Burst. I was given Firefly products to sample and compensation to share my honest opinions. My opinion was not influenced by compensation.


  1. I love when they make products that make brushing your teeth fun 🙂

  2. My kids LOVE toothbrushes that make brushing more fun. Luckily, my kids are older and don’t require quite as much coaxing as they used to. I remember the days of having to pin them down to brush their teeth.

  3. I’ve seen other toothbrushes similar to this one but this is the 1st design I think my son would like!

  4. Sherri Lewis says:

    That is so neat! I wish they had this back when my daughter was little… 🙂

  5. Now why didn’t I think of that?! The spotlight timer is an amazing idea.

  6. I.need.this! My kids, well my boys hate brushing their teeth. It’s a fight every day. My daughter loves it though go figure.

  7. The sand timer is a bit boring, this looks more fun.

  8. Robin Wilson says:

    I had not heard of these! But, I am all for anything that will make brushing their teeth for the proper amount of time more fun! Couple of minutes can seem like a long time when you are doing that!

  9. The red/green/yellow light thingie is AMAZING!!

  10. Amanda says:

    Oh this is such a great idea! And yes 2 mins is a long time…nothing like lights to entertain them with! and I love the 1 min top and then 1 min bottom!

  11. That is wonderful! I remember having to drag my son kicking and screaming to brush his teeth. I love the lights to let them know what they should be doing next. Wish they made them for adults. LOL! Thanks for sharing.

  12. courtney b says:

    how fun.. my daughter will NOT let me brush her teeth! so frustrating!

  13. Sarah L says:

    Anything that makes brushing more fun is great with me.

  14. ellen beck says:

    The lights are relly fun looking -heck even for adults a minute is hard to gauge!

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