With the new year, I want to take a minute to look back at the reviews I’ve done over the past year and give you an update on a few of them!


Car Seats:

The Britax convertible car seat is definitely my favorite. Followed closely by our Graco car seat, with the Safety 1st car seat coming in last. All three are definitely safe and have fantastic features, the thing that really makes each one’s spot on the list is the ease of getting Micah in and out.


Prince Lionheart

The Diaper Depot is still a great idea, but we still live in a small house so it’s tucked away in a closet waiting for a future use.

The PlayMat is still easy to clean and fun to use, but the edges still aren’t flat and we are often tripping on them. Kind of annoying. And it has a big air bubble in one side where the picture is coming off the foam. It only gets bigger if we step on it, so it’s not a big deal. Overall, Prince Lionheart products are really cute but I haven’t been hugely impressed by the quality


Aquverse Water

We LOVE our water dispenser still. Having hot, clean water on tap is fantastic and makes having a cup of hot chocolate or making instant mashed potatoes easy and fast.


Tiny Love

Our Tiny Love toys and mobile are still fun and work well. Micah doesn’t use a nightlight, so the mobile is sitting awaiting a future use, but he still lights up every time we do get it out and turn it on.


EZ Fold Trike

Still and fantastic and fun little stroller that will be a fun trike as Micah continues to grow. Love it!


Mamas & Papas

We love our booster seat and use it for every meal. The floor seat is in the closet waiting for the next baby. I still think Mamas & Papas makes great, high-quality, grow-with-baby products.


Graco Products

We love all our Graco products and I haven’t had any trouble with any of them. Period.



The KidCo PeaPod and KidCo GoPod made our move way easier. We haven’t used them much since then but haven’t had any problems with them at all.



Munchkin products rock. Period.


Infantino Fresh-Squeezed System

We don’t use it anymore because I just don’t have time. But Micah still loves pouches and the Infantino system always worked great for making yummy home-made pouches.


I know I haven’t covered them all here, so if there is a product I’ve reviewed that you want to know how it’s treating us now, just leave a comment!

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