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June 12, 2012

I (finally) recently started telling you about our gardening adventures that started back in March, so I wanted to share a bit about our favorite go-to drinks for when we need to stay hydrated and refreshed!

We’ve been drinking a TON of tea when we work outside, but the same tea flavor gets boring after a while, so I was excited to try Lipton’s new Tea & Honey!


I Received 3 flavors:

  • Black Currant Raspberry
  • Peach Apricot
  • Mango Pineapple

    But there are a few other Great Flavors to choose from as well:Image converted using ifftoanyImage converted using ifftoanyImage converted using ifftoany

    I preferred the Black Currant Raspberry and Peach Apricot, as I’m not a huge fan of mango – but my boys liked the mango a lot!


    My kids constantly are stealing mine because it tastes so good, and I don’t have to feel guilty giving it to them!


    My favorite summer drink is normally the Passion Tea Lemonade from Starbucks, but the Lipton Tea is so much more convenient, FAR less calories (200 vs. 5) and equally or even more delicious!

    Yep, that’s right. Just 5 calories for a refreshing, flavor-packed tea.

    I’m already almost out of the two flavors and will be heading to the store soon to stock up on more to keep us going all summer long.

    If you’d like to try out the Lipton Tea & Honey – You’re in luck:

    To celebrate this new product announcement, Lipton is giving away a limited number of Lipton Tea & Honey samples! To receive free samples, visit

    Also, You can enter here for a chance to:

    Win It!!!!!

    Five lucky readers will receive one box – 10 sticks per box– of Lipton Tea & Honey.

    Image converted using ifftoany

  • How to Enter:

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  • Comments

    1. I love sun tea.

    2. iced latte

    3. My favourite summertime drink is Lemonade. 🙂

    4. Unsweetened iced tea!

    5. It is usually a glass full of ice n water!
      Gladys P
      sps1113 at yahoo dot com

    6. Danielle Papsis says:

      Fresh squeezed iced lemonade Yum!

    7. Maria T says:

      ice cold ice tea

    8. I love Lipton Ice Tea and I love Starbucks Frappachinos.My 2 neices love raspberry ice tea too. Thanks for the giveaway!

    9. Starbucks black tea lemonade

    10. Iced tea is my favorite summer drink….so refreshing!
      Thank you!

    11. Iced water with lemon

    12. Nicole Sender says:

      I love sun tea!

    13. Marilyn Wons says:

      My favorite summer drink is lemonade make with real lemons. Unfortunately lemons are to expensive though to have this.

    14. brandy g. says:

      My favorite summer drink is Strawberry Kool Aid, Orange Kool Aid and Pineapple Juice. Mix Together with ice and enjoy!

    15. Carolyn Ann Colley (Griffith, Smith) says:

      I like ice tea & seven-up
      thanks for the giveaway

    16. Jaclyn Reynolds says:

      We love lemonade!!

    17. LaTanya says:

      countrytime lemonade

    18. suburban prep says:

      I like lemonade –homemade.

    19. Ann Fantom says:

      I like iced raspberry tea in the summer

    20. alyce poalillo says:

      Traditional sweet tea is my favorite summer drink

    21. Tea with honey! I am a beekeeper by trade. Lost 168 hive to Colony Colapse Disorder, so I would love Tea & Honey by Lipton.

    22. Ken Robinson says:

      I like Iced Tea with Lemon. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

    23. Iced tea with sugar.

    24. Christine says:


    25. iced tea.

    26. crystle tellerday says:

      sweet tea

    27. liberty boblett says:

      Lipton’s Iced Tea…No sugar…

    28. I drink a lot of iced green tea in the summer.

    29. Maryann says:

      Iced tea with no sugar, maybe a lemon or fresh mint

    30. melina r says:

      favorite summer drink is Coke Classic

    31. karen b says:

      My favorite summer drink is a strawberry daiquiri, thanks so much

    32. Lemonade c:

    33. Cherry Limeaid

    34. I love a margarita with fresh strawberries.

    35. I love water with ice.


    36. Cindy Merrill says:

      Cider Switchel is my favorite summer time drink. Sometimes I add Iced tea mix if I’m making more than 5 gallons.

    37. Karlene Shamir says:

      I love an iced caramel latte in the summer 😀

    38. I love strawberry lemonade & Arnold Palmer’s!!

    39. misskallie2000 says:

      I drink alot of water but started using Crystal Light Green Tea & Honey Lemon, and their Rasberry and the OceanSpray Cran-Pomegranate. Did not realize Lipton made these packets also. I do use regular Lipton Tea and make a gallon a day for my son.

    40. Kristy Thiel says:

      I love sweet tea 🙂 Thanks for hosting!

    41. Erin R. says:

      My favorite summer drink is sweet tea

    42. christine jessamine says:

      i love raspberry lemonade!

    43. Denise C says:

      half lemonade/half iced tea!

    44. judy gardner says:

      frappucinos (all kinds)

    45. Janet F says:

      I like Lemonade.

      janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

    46. Katie R says:

      I love strawberry lemonade

    47. Karen Gonyea says:

      Iced Tea with Mint Leaves 🙂

    48. amanda alvarado says:

      We love our fresh brewed sweet tea in the summers here!

    49. Kyl Neusch says:


    50. Anthony says:

      Sweetened Iced Tea

    51. Katherine Short says:

      I love sweet tea over ice!

    52. judy gregory says:

      give me that good old mountain dew over crushed ice

    53. ice tea

    54. Jennifer says:

      We drink tons of water and love to add in fresh cucumber and mint!

    55. I like raspberry tea.

    56. i love pink lemonade

    57. Diane F says:

      sweet tea and iced coffee

    58. I love sweet tea!

    59. I’m big into iced coffee at the moment!

    60. Paula Tavernie says:

      My fave is Sweet Tea with Lemon!
      ptavernie at yahoo ot com

    61. my favorite is frozen lemonade a classic only found in rhode island we love our Del’s

    62. Aimee Fontenot says:

      My favorite summer drink is water…ice cold water.

    63. Gary Costanzo says:

      My favorite summer drink is the Homemade Lemonade they make at The Corner Bakery.

    64. My favorite summer drink is raspberry lemonade

    65. Carolyn Daley says:

      My favorite summer drink is lemonade

    66. dani marie says:

      i love sweet tea.

    67. deana c says:

      My favorite summer drink is sun tea.

    68. tea or lemonade

    69. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says:

      I have an iced tea almost always in my hand during summer!

    70. Ed Nemmers says:

      I heart the lemonade pink!

    71. Rebecca says:

      Iced tea lemonade

    72. Yolanda says:

      lemonade is my favorite drink.

    73. My fav summertime drink is water

    74. Amy Woods-Smith says:

      My favorite summer drink is Margaritas!

    75. Trevor C. says:

      honey tea peach flavor, on the rocks

    76. Laurie Emerson says:

      I love a tall glass of ice cold sweet tea.

    77. I love peach iced tea!

    78. Iced coffee.

    79. love diet pepsi

    80. trisha mckee says:

      I grew up on sweet tea! Favorite summertime drink!

    81. Jennifer Reed says:

      I drink mostly water in the summer but I do like iced tea as well.
      repose4jr at gmail dot com

    82. Jeanine says:

      Sweet Iced tea is my favorite summer drink.

    83. justine says:

      My fave summer drink would be a Coke Slurpee, I mean come on 😀

    84. susan smoaks says:

      i love a nice iced coffee in the summer it’s my favorite drink

    85. Marissa M says:

      I love drinking iced coffee in the summer!

    86. My favorite summer drink is a mojito

    87. We drink a lot of iced tea.

    88. Breanne says:

      I like lemonade

    89. Iced Tea

    90. Jessica A says:

      I love sun tea.

    91. Lemonade or icees!

    92. Aaron Bretveld says:

      I love drinking Arnold Palmers, which is just half iced tea and half lemonade.

    93. kathy pease says:

      i love lemonade

    94. shirley zolenski says:

      I love lemonade

    95. I love lemonade!

    96. Brenda Elsner says:

      My favorite summer drink is a nice cold lemonade.

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