Life is SO Expensive!

November 4, 2011

With the Holidays coming so quickly – I’m trying to be sure to save those extra pennies and work towards a Christmas Budget.  I used to simply put money aside out of each paycheck automatically into a savings account specifically used for Christmas.

However – With Job changes and life changes  – that is no longer possible for us.

So back to saving every penny possible:

Joe springs on me last night that his prescription (that he fills each 3 months and is *CraZy* Expensive) is gone.  Yep. Gone.  I did my great big *Sigh* of anger and frustration that I didn’t have some sort of warning that this would be happening.

And then he adds:

“Oh yeah….. I’ve also been wearing the same pair of contacts for the last 3 months too.. We should probably order some more soon.”


I about flipped out – 3 Months?!  He used to wear Acuvue lenses which he had to change about every other week – so when I heard 3 months, I was thinking he was way out of line..  But now he wears the Air Optix, which get changed every month – so not nearly as bad.

I went to 1-800-Contacts to see how much the damage is going to be…


He looks pretty good in glasses though, Right? Winking smile




  1. I completely understand how you feel. I’m glad I started getting little things for the girls each week starting in September. And now we have to add a part for my broken down truck to our to-buy list. 🙁

  2. It is so important to have an “emergency fund” for unnexpected events in life! Also investments are a MUST in today’s economy! I learned these lessons the hard way! <3
    I am so thankful for so many things! I am thankful to have a warm home and food in our fridge. You need not spend too much on Christmas, but can easily have a fun and frugal Christmas with home made Christmas presents!
    I pray your family has a blessed Christmas this year!!

    • Yes, Absolutely!! We could be in a much much worse situation! I’m so thankful that we have our home, heat, family, and space! I’m so thankful for this great blog which is helping us with our Christmas items this year as well! 😀
      We’re just learning how to live life on our very strict one income budget without using any credit. It’s been very interesting!!
      It makes me think about how the world operates so heavily while using credit – and how silly it is. If I was using credit for these things, It would take me months to pay them all back! So easy to fall into that trap!

      • I am so glad you are steering away from credit… it sure is an easy trap! I am also glad that you are being very responsible with your income…. many people nowadays live beyond their means and then can’t figure out where they went wrong down the road in the long run!
        We are a military family and by no means are ‘rich’ but I too have a budget and stick close to it. Due to this we are able to ‘splurge’ here and there sometimes! Glad to hear of another blogger that is being frugal and responsible…. it does pay off 🙂

  3. I know how you feel. Sometimes those unexpected (yet should be expected) expenses add up way too quickly. And even though we expect it will happen, somehow the winter raise in utilities always seems to hit us hard.

  4. Life really is so expensive, especially when you’re a homeowner. I swear something breaks in our house every single month and we’re spending more money again to replace it!

  5. I know how you feel. I once wore my contacts (monthly ones too) for about a year. My contacts cost over 100 a box from 1-800contacts!!! Then I got an eye infection from wearing the same lenses for so long so now have just decided it’s cheaper to wear glasses even though I hate them! But we can’t save for Christmas this year either. I don’t think we’ll have very many gifts in the house seeing that we can’t even pay our entire gas bill every month!

    I followed you via GFC. Please follow back!

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