Lets Get Serious… Scary, Serious.

April 13, 2012

Not that long ago, my brother and sister in-law had their home broken in to.


They were missing their computer, their DSLR camera, and their bedroom was torn through, taking all of the jewelry that she had – and later she realized that she was missing some undergarments.

Not only do you feel horrible that some of your possessions  have been stolen, but you also feel awful and violated, and very insecure about everything you do (including putting on your underwear before washing them all…).

The worst part of dealing with it all – is recounting your life prior to the break-in and figuring out each and every thing that has gone missing and filing the insurance claim.

It’s not like the burglar leaves a note saying what they took… usually.


Her insurance company wanted proof of ownership and value for each thing that they wanted replaced.  Right. Proof of Everything…

They wanted a receipt for their digital camera and their laptop.  Even the programs that were on the laptop they were having a hard time getting replaced (like Photoshop, Office, etc.).

Anyway – It sounds like a nightmare.

I really wanted to learn my lesson from them.  I called my insurance company to be sure I have everything in order, should something like this happen to us. (Oh I *really* hope not).  I talked and talked with my insurance guy and he walked me through the process of claims with them.

It was nothing like what they are going through.  He said… ‘if I tell them I had a couch, they’ll pay for a new couch.  not the price that *I* paid for a couch 8 years ago… but they’ll buy me a new couch.’

I gave Alicia a call and told her to call my insurance agent for a home insurance quote so she could be in better hands the in case something like this happens again.


Meanwhile, I’ve gone around my whole house taking photos of everything I can specifically so I can help re-count what items I had in case of a burglary or fire.  I just need to get these pictures out of my house!

I’m thinking of sending a thumb drive with the photos to my insurance agent, just so he has them in his possession should something happen to our home.

It’s definitely important to think about these things with your insurance companies before hand, so if you have to go through something like this, you’re better prepared.  And make sure you have a good insurance – not just the cheapest…


  1. My two girls and I walked into a crack addict IN our home – yes IN our home still -it was two years ago and I still have a hard time being in our home alone – especially at night – it freaks me right out. Two terrible parts of it- the crack house – is kitty corner behind ours (we know where the guy lives and see him around the neighbourhood – YUK!) I know would be nice to move – just not a option sadly….the second is my husband is SO not worried about it – he did not come home to this guy – and he is a working (long hours) dad and I am a stay at home/homeschooling mom – he does not deal with the backlash of it all – my kids still talk about the robber in the house – my 7 year old is still terrified of men with beards, becuase “he” had one (she was just turned five when it happend!)
    All our guy took was money (including money from our kids – because we walked in on him – he was about to take our Christmas gifts, as it was days before Christmas, apparently this is what “they” do…..but we came home and he ran – thankfully – it could have ended very badly according to the police- it sometimes does. Anyway I did not mean to go on, I feel for you brother and sister in law – we tried to claim the money , they do not do money on homeowners 🙁
    goodluck to them!

  2. Carolyn Ann Colley (Griffith, Smith) says:

    sorry about your family’s break-in, my husband takes pictures/video of our belongings right often

  3. Betty Baez says:

    Wow that is just awful I couldn’t imagine something like that happening I would live in fear everyday. Now this has me thinking to im going to start filing all my receiptsn

  4. My parents lost everything to fire and had insurance for replacement value of the contents – upon observing what they went through to try to inventory everything, I immediately called my insurance company to make sure I had a policy for a set amount. No way try to inventory – just give me a check. Would have enough to deal with, rebuilding while living in a motel or rental. As it turned out, my parents were able to get the insurance company to write them a check for contents, and at an amount they were content with, without having to complete and inventory.

  5. Sounds like if you buy pricey undergarments you better take pics of those also lol

  6. Wow! I feel bad for you and that family. Both having it on your mind constantly. My insurance policy is one lump sum payment that we agreed upon. I worry more about our pets, pictures etc Of course after my son and I.
    Gladys P

  7. Wow so sorry for your family! I can’t imagine going through such an ordeal. I pray you find peace and comfort in your homes now.

  8. Vickie Couturier says:

    That is horrible,,,but the ideal of taking pictures is a good one,that im gonna do,,who keeps reciepts for things you use on a daily basis,,thats stupid

  9. Jennifer Hedden says:

    This gets me to thinking that I need to check with my insurance company to see what I would need to do to be prepared in case something like this happens. Thank you so much for this post!

  10. We never leave our house alone; someone is always home with a gun. My nearest neighbor is 1/3 miles away. We will protect ourselves. We have empty shotgun shells on our fence line.

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